Help! Challenge!! What Plane is this??


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After finding this at the local hobby shop in consignment we had to purchase it, as the Super Tigre G61 in the plane was worth twice the asking price of the plane in question. We got it home and started looking. I cant find anything on aero Fred or outer zone like it. We believe it's a club build. I'm from northeastern Ohio. And there are two clubs around here. One being the Balsa Bee's and the other being the North Canton club (where some flite test videos are filmed.) regardless any information on identifying this bird are appreciated. We believe it has a lot of ties to Dick Fano. The ex-owner of Aerotech Hobbies in North Canton. Which is the hobby shop where we got this thing. A lot of history in that place. Feel free to share the video to other forums or whatever else you can do to help us out! Our goal is to find the original plans and make a couple more because the plane flies great. A lot like a Big-stick but a lot quicker and a little more pattern-esque. Thanks in advance for any help!!!
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After tireless hours of calling every old timer in the area, Google searching, and frustration. I finally figured it out. An older gentleman I had talked to said "It's a Bob Campbell. He may have kitted it, not sure but I know it's a Bob Campbell design." and Voila! Thanks to anyone who put any time into this.


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Shall we try another one?

I bought this at an rc auction and haven't been able to figure out what it is either (other than ugly) :D

The estate I got it from had a whole bunch of Hirobo helicopters & RC cars parts, so it's not 100% guaranteed the plane is a Hirobo. But I haven't found pictures of any Hirobo plane with the same fuselage / tail / wing shapes & proportions.



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Except for the fact it looks foamy, my guess is Royal Coachman, big monster trainer from the 60's for use with radio in my signature. Definitely 3D here