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Challenged with HobbyKing !


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what's up with them ?

Im trying to get a status on my orders but :

-my ticket is still unassigned.
-Livechat does not answer.
-got voicemail when I call them.

Is it me or what ?

I only order from HK's US warehouse when the product is "in stock" and I have never had a problem. I've heard too many horror stories about dealing with the China location. The few bucks you save isn't worth the grief to me.

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How long ago did you order? What did you order?

Large items (J-I-T, as they call them) are stored in a warehouse on the mainland. It takes at least 3 days for them to be moved to the shipping warehouse, and the rest of the order, from what I've seen, doesn't get picked until those arrive. Once everything is in the same place, it's usually another day or two before the package ships, then it's in the hands of Swisspost or whomever you've chosen to ship it.

Quickest I've had a China shipment arrive at my door was just under three weeks. The longest was almost a month and a half. (I live in the US).
I was having a similar problem... order marked as paid and shipped, however no tracking info. My first order was from the US warehouse - no problems - arrived in 3 days. My second order was from the international warehouse (still waiting), the parts were outta stock state side and shipping was about the same with out the lipos so I went for the international warehouse (probably won't order from that warehouse again) - so far no shipping info.

I looked around and here;s what I found. lots of people are having "tracking" issues with their packages some say once it arrives states side the tracking number should work. Others say no tracking info at all but pretty much everyone says their packages eventually arrive. So I guess patients is key. I'm still waiting on my order from the 3/6 from international warehouse. I placed another order from us warehouse last night. I'm pretty sure my us order will arrive long before the international one.

As far as contacting HK, i'm not sure if their state side support is up yet. but they are in hong kong or something so there is a significant time difference chances are if you are calling during the day, it's night time over there



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I've had an order or two where it seemed in limbo for a long time. I always got a package though and so far have not had anything wrong or missing. For the price, I expect to give up something and so far that has only been extra time waiting on the slow boat.

How long has it been?


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it's been 2 month now. Their customer service is non existent. I opened a dispute with Paypall .
I'm done with chinese websites, they are not reliable.


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2 months is just WRONG! HK needs to get with customer support but I bet they NEVER do cause Anthony's bottom line is PROFIT! Doesn't matter how, but PROFIT is a MUST for his type!



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I've been rather fortunate with their customer service. I'm currently in discussions with them. I have a package that may have fallen off the slow boat from China. It's looking like I'll submit a Paypal dispute, just in case. I'm hoping it's still coming, but I won't wait beyond the 45 day limit for Paypal dispute submissions. It's a slow process, and the package could still arrive, and if it does, I'll cancel the dispute.

It's important to remember we're dealing with a budget warehouse, dealing in better quality than should be low dollar items, that ship on such scales that customer service is almost a waste of resources for them.


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I have had great service with hobbyking my issue is canada @#$&@&#^# post my parcle has been in canada for 2 months and they wont provide me with any information. Hobbyking is currently fileing lost package clames and keeping me up to date on everything.
Hobbyking + fedex = serous reliability. I feel bad for all the horror stories I hear, I think once stock becomes more readily available in the US warehouse ill probably start ordering from there.