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Elemental Madness
I think we should get a chat in here. Chat is the best way to avoid all those little questions clogging up the forum and its fun to talk with people from around the world!
Please, Please make it happen :D



Elemental Madness
Well I personally don't want to friend someone on Facebook that I hardly know, but would chat with them under the name of Carbon you know? Then if they seemed cool I may friend them.


Senior Member
Hi All One of the problems I found on chat is that while Carbon and I may be on a similar time line albeit 2 odd hours apart the guys on the other side of the world are usually asleep when we want to chat and vice versa. Anyway,didn't this forum have a chat for a while way back when it first started?:confused:
Con's right, I can bounce in here, read 6 or 7 messages and then get on with my day. With Chat I have to plan yet another activity in my day and frankly, there isn't any time. I only imagine other folks have that same problem but an example of this is most of these posts show a timeline of 2 to 3:30 am for me and I was nighty night at that time. UndCon shows a post time of 11:35 which is interesting because I thought the display showed posts relevant to my time. Must have a switch to hit in my user setup somewhere. I assume he's 6 or 7 hours ahead of us on time here in the USA central time zone.


More combat please...
Chat would be cool.
Just pop on every once and a while to see who's on.
Sure, may be a challenge to keep in touch with some folks in different timezones but no biggie.
Who ever is there is there....
I'm with Carbon on this one, I would not add anybody to my FB, I like my privacy... As for time zone, we'll see who's there and that's it...
If flitetest wants a simple ajax based chat i'd be glad to program it for them.
Either way I'm sure there are plenty for vBulletin...
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Love the Chat idea i know i would love to use it...I own and run a fishing forum like this one and have a live chat on it the guys love it and its sparked some great friendships and fishing events with local people to eachother....:cool: