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Cheap but good quality RTF Quad 42USD!


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I am a french RC pilot from modelisme.com and I wanted to share with you this deal because it helped many friends of mine step into the Quad World before trying some expensive FPV stuff (for example here one of my vids: https://vimeo.com/44617749).

The Walkera ladybird was tempting but I thought it was expensive (more then 130$) then I found this:


According to the reviews and my personal tests it is very tough and stable and as a bonus it can do flips and rolls.

In the Box:


RC is 2.4Ghz (not crappy IR) with digital trims (mode 2 or 4 with a switch)

There is a beginner and an advance mode


Cherry on the cake, many spare parts are available:

SKU039472-1.jpg 20120801154958259.JPG 20120730153534203.jpg SKU039517-1.JPG SKU039512-1.JPG SKU039511-1.jpg

Best price is on: Banggood

If you want a 10$ coupon (unfortunately only for orders above 100$)
Click here and register +
Confirm you are friend of bg .cjb.net

And you will get 10$ in (My Account>Invite Tools > Credit)

Furthermore there are many coupons available in My Account > Coupons (at a minimum you will get 1$)

Have Fun and post videos of your mods! (who said FPV? ;))

For those wanting a slightly larger one and compatible with Turnigy 9x:

Beetle / V929


Easier to mount FPV stuff on.

Here the video review: