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Cheap Fpv monitor


Rotor Riot!

Check that one. There are various sellers that have the same item, look around for the cheapest one. I have a link for one that would cost me $45 shipped Registered Air Mail to Ecuador (hard to find that kind of shipping) but the link is at home and I can't get to that now...
Here's the link I mentioned:

7" TFT LCD Color Car Rearview Headrest Monitor DVD VCR | eBay

Paul - What are your thoughts on this screen? Does it bluescreen on bad signal? Is the screen bright?


New member
As I mentioned, entry level and it will do the job.
It has fully adjustable contrast/colour settings.
Brightness is good but you do need a hood to stop the reflection from the sun, but that is not the TFT's fault.
Yes, it does have a blue screen when there is no signal....
And it can be mounted onto a tripod easily.
And Yes, shipping is free but be prepared to wait for 3 - 4 weeks unless you want to pay more.

I keep on trying cheap offshore products from Tomtop and have the attitude that your get what you pay for...
(the above TFT monitor, Apple Iphone accessories, laptop cooling pads and the list goes on)...but I am continually surprised at how well they work despite the low cost.
Hope this helps.
There are lots of really cheap monitors. However, almost all of them have blue screen. That means that when your signal gets weak, the screen turns blue and you can't see anything. That's really bad for fpv. RMRC has some monitors that don't have blue screen and are about 100$. I would go with one of those.
I purchased a cheap 5" monitor from Ebay for around $15 shipped to Canada. The resolution isn't the best and it does go black screen but at least it got me into the FPV aspect of the hobby. I don't plan on going beyond LOS. I will mainly use it to get a better POV of my HD camera.

This is my setup.

Turnigy 9XR
Frsky DJT module
Mini BiQuad directional antenna mounted on two wooden booms (from ebay http://www.ebay.com/itm/WiFi-Antenna-2-4-or-5-8Ghz-Mini-BiQuad-MACH-5-Antenna-for-FPV-LONG-RANGE-BOOSTER-/141253529218?)
5" TFT (ebay) held on with gopro mounting brackets

Now I am looking into getting a video recorder to pass the video through to prevent the screen from going black.

FPV Setup.jpg

photo 4.JPG photo 2.JPG photo 1.JPG