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Cheapest Carbon Quadcopter frame ever?!


Crazy flyer/crasher :D
Hey guys!

Have a look at this!


I thought this would be a nice place for a discussion about it :)

Well, In comparison the frame is small but what would you say to that last comment? CF blocks RF and therefore you don´t have the best connnectivity on this quad?!

I like the way it is designed aaaaand that the arms are hollow so your copter stays nice and clean with all wiring inside the CF tubes!


Flying Derp
That's pretty small... ~19" diameter.

Wouldn't carbon fiber be risky for a multi-copter since if an antenna touches it it'll interfere with RF signal?


Never catch a multirotor
I think CF only blocks RF signals when it completely covers the transmitter / receiving device.
But I'm not sure what happens when you lay your antenna parralel to the tube for example.
I have no trouble with CF on this frame .. look how nice the motor cables come out in the middle :
Love this frame ! All spares available.



Never catch a multirotor
John, this frame is more a sport / acrobat frame.
This one is available for this frame, but rather expensive.
I'm looking for something smaller, more solid looking to carry a GoPro.

CF will not block the signal on these typs of setups. if it was in a case or enclosed most def, and that frame looked decent in person when i saw it, make sure you get CF version as the graphite version is allot heavier, you want to stay under 250g for a 450 size quad frame