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  1. D

    Which antenna and camera

    Hello, my brother bought this kit in 2015 for his quadcopter: https://www.gearbest.com/rc-quadcopter-parts/pp_212704.html?fbclid=IwAR3pD54lCvbcIOBzD4Mzgtfod-sUEuonq1MPfMA7lxYeGoNbi9aGV6hkos0 He lost his quadcopter due to wind but the Screen is still here, only missing the antena (idk why). The...
  2. Wingman04

    Help! Clover Leaf vs. Skew-Planar vs. Helical antennas

    I've heard of Clover Leaf, Skew-Planar, and Helical antennas. Are all of these the same and work together or are they all different? I want to get into FPV, but it's stuff like this that is prohibiting me. Thanks.
  3. P

    Mounting Receiver Antenna

    Hi! I'm new to RC hobby and this forum. Though I've known Flite Test on YouTube for a long time. So I madey first plane out of scratch a few days ago and flew it. It went well. My transmitter is FlySky FS-i6 and receiver is FS-iA6. I was wondering if there's any right way to mount the...
  4. Pigfarm1403

    FPV antenna tracking under 100$ (Old thread, plan on making a new one)

    So for the last year I have been very interested in long range fpv and I am looking into making a ground-station. Previously I have been using a 1.2ghz system that you can pick up on ebay for about 60$, I'll have a link somewhere in here. I plan on using a 1.2ghz system again and there are two...
  5. D

    Sim Cable for FS-i6

    Hi i'm 15 years old and I've just gone broke after buying an Eachine Wizard X220 and VR007 Pro goggles and i'm currently trying to save for a simulator cable that works with an FS-i6, I've found this one on Banggood but cant afford it as of now...
  6. D

    X8R Antenna Modification Help

    I recently built the UAVFutures $99 dollar quad. I am using an X8R receiver, but it is annoying that the antennas don't fit through any of the small holes on the frame. There is a black rectangle on the tip of each antenna, but I don't know what they are. Could I desolder them so I have a more...
  7. N

    Custom FPV Antenna holder

    So I have been using the Red fatshark 5,8GHz cloverleaf antenna's and they used to stick out the back of the QAV250 and simply bent up, however I have already broken the antenna mounts of 3 video transmitters. Next was purchasing the right angle adapters for the antennas and then feeding it...
  8. bgfireguy92

    Receiver Antenna's

    OK So heres my question. Im looking for longer radio "whips" on receivers since most of them all are really short. I have a few lemon receivers and looking at them it looks like it "SHOULD" be easy to de solder them and put longer ones on. So heres the questions: #1 Is this possible without...
  9. B

    Antenna Help

    Can anyone give me a link and/or tell me how to use a 5.8ghz fpv clover leaf antenna and patch antenna together?
  10. M

    First FPV Flight

    Hello all, I successfully completed my first FPV flight today and quickly proceeded to do two more. I did it with the complete Quanum FPV bundle from HobbyKing on my scratch built 650mm quad with DJI Naza-m lite running v2 software. It was incredibly smooth and more fun than I expected, just...
  11. G

    New FPV antenna idea?

    Firstly, i have not tried any of these ideas, nor am i an elite FPV pilot, however i was thinking about this idea, and... CP cloverleaf antennas work best when they are parallel. If the antennas become out of phase, the signal strength massively drops. This effect is even more prominent in...
  12. G

    Help choosing second antenna for 5.8GHz diversity - patch or crosshair

    I'm upgrading my ground station (after discovering the limits of my current setup :black_eyed:) I have a Boscam D58-2 diversity receiver and VAS - 5.8 GHz Mad Mushroom Antenna (RHCP) on the way. I'd really like some help choosing a second antenna, I'm looking at these two right now: IRC - 5.8...
  13. kah00na

    3 Leaf TX and 4 Leaf RX Antennas - Why?

    Is there a simple explanation of why there should be 3 leaves on a TX and 4 leaves on a RX antenna? I'm referring to 5.8/1.2 FPV antennas. What happens if you run 4 leaves on a TX or 3 leaves on a RX? I'd guess some range reduction but I'm not sure why.
  14. kah00na

    Spray Painting Antennas

    Would there be any negative affects of spray painting an antenna like these black so it better matches the miniquad? I'm thinking about some of the spray paint designed for plastic.
  15. R

    Which antennas will work together?

    I'm new to the forums and would like to get into FPV I saw a kit on ready-made RC that has everything you need to get into FPV you have several options on what type of antenna you can get in I was wondering which RX antennas would be compatible with which TX antennas. The default antenna for the...
  16. S

    How to replace a broken receiver antenna wire?

    I have completely snapped off (and lost) one of the receiver antennas from my FrSky X8R receiver. How would I go about replacing the wire? I know this particular model has plastic things on the ends of the antennae (which get in the way and help to snap off the wire in case of a crash...
  17. mmeyer

    Turnigy 9x Broken Antenna

    I went out flying today and ended up somehow crashing and snapping the antenna wire in half on my Turnigy 9x receiver. Is it possible to fix this? I have read that the length of the antenna is incredibly important so if it is fixable, how do i do it and what exact length do i need to have the...
  18. U

    Which TX Antenna do I use for a 33Km space flight?

    What TX Antenna do I use for a 33Km space flight? Hello FT forums. I am sending a Raspberry Pi 33Km into the atmosphere in a custom 3D printed space probe. I would like a live video link that has an effective range of 33Km, as the probe will start it decent at 33Km and the video link need not...
  19. K

    Robot communications

    I know this may not be the right place for it but I'm building a fully autonomous robot that will traverse through any building and map out a blueprint of what's in there. (Original idea was three quad copters, but seemed a little dangerous with all those props flying around people :) ) I'm...
  20. A

    Change metal antenna on Futaba T7CAP 72 Mhz Radio???

    Hello everybody, first of all, I just joined the forum and this place is amazing!!! Lots of information everywhere, specially from this great show! =)! So, here is my question: I need to change/replace the metal antenna of my 72Mhz Futaba transmitter (model T7CAP) since it is pretty bad and...