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CNC plans?

First of all im sorry for the mistakes i made im not a native

Has anyone got fusion sketch plans for the scrath builds

For the last 6 months i have gotten into the hobby of building and flying rc airplanes (Thanks to flitetest and a youtube chanel called samm shepherd) I have mostly only flown a xk600 rtf plane (about 40-60 minutes of flight time) .
I have started to build my planes from foamboard i have made 3 so far.(and i have just built a hotwire foam cutter i have been experimenting on it just for a week)
And the hardest part about strach building (from the flite test plans) is laying out the paper and cutting it with my not so great cutting skills.

Recently i have gained access to my schools laser cutter(CNC) And i have been struggiling a lot do draw the flitetest scratch plans to scehct form in autodesk fusion 360
so if anyone has some plans that would be great .

ps: i have already spend close to 4 hours just to get the FT Nutball model on fusion 360 and so far i have failed :(
Why are you putting them in Fusion? Usually laser cutters have interfaces like a printer so you can just print the PDFs or you might need to convert them to EPS files, which is pretty easy.

Also be careful cutting foam board. It's extremely flammable, even Flitetest had a fire, and the fumes are toxic.