Configuring Aura 5 Lite to work with the Radiomaster T8 Lite


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Since the Aura 5 lite is meant to work with a really dumb TX as it handles the rates, expo etc. I am trying to setup a configuration that will work with the very basic Radiomaster T8 lite and figured that I would document my findings in this thread.

Of course first things first the TX needs to have
  • been charged
  • the sticks calibrated
  • mode 2 layout (at least for me as its what I am using)
  • bound to a RX
Also I purchased the V2 but I have yet to find what the difference is between V1 and V2.
It came with a user's manual which is different from the one on the RM support website.
The paper manual had some overlaid instructions on how to calibrate the sticks and change layouts (mode1/mode2) which the online manual is missing.
The binding procedure in the paper manual only gives an example of a D8 receiver (RM81) but the online manual has both D8 and D16 binding procedures. At the moment I am using a FrSky X8R but will also try with and RM161 which I believe both are D16.

So now to the Aura. One thing that was common to both T8 manuals was the channel assignment of AETR which appears to be fixed. I originally thought that the Aura's expected default channels were TAER and that I would have to change it in the Aura config tool but after switching on live data and checking the transmitter verification screen under the setup tab they seemed to be correct without any changes. The only thing was the throttle and elevator were reversed and since I can't change this on the T8 I reversed those 2 servo ports in the Aura config.

Another issue is the T8 has ch5/gear assigned to a 2 position switch and since this is used by default to change flight modes I needed to use ch6/Aux1 instead as its a 3 position switch.

Well that's all so far, if anyone else has experience with the T8 and the Aura please add to this thread in the meantime I plan on continuing to work on this as I believe it will make a really economical radio first setup for a beginner.


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I confirmed that the channel order of the T8 is AETR by simply checking the PWM outputs on the RX and although I thought the Aura was detecting that channel order instead of using its default TAER that is not the case with a new config. I needed to go to setup and under the transmitter verification and use the "Learn Transmitter" procedure. This worked and it also got the throttle and elevator direction correct.

Also as I mentioned in my previous post I changed the flight mode setup to use Ch6/Aux (SB) instead of Ch5/gear (SA) as its a 3 position switch. The next step is to make SA a throttle cut switch which I believe that I might be able to do with a Mix.

P.S reminder to see how to handle failsafe.
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Actually, it does not matter if the order of receiver and Aura are different just plug the correct wires in their perspective positions. TAER receiver plug Throttle into position 3 if Aura is AETR etc.