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Connecting EMax BL Heli 30A to Tactic TR624 receiver

Just got Power Pack A with a speed build kit and am trying to figure out how to attach the ESC to my receiver and get the benefit of the ESC's BEC. The BL Heli 30A has one lead for the receiver, but the TR624 receiver has a battery input and a separate channel 1 output. Anyone else have this issue and can talk me through it? FWIW, I haven't bought the receiver so if anyone has a solution involving a different receiver, I'm open to anything SLT compatible.


Hostage Taker of Quads
Hey AAJ, Welcome to the forum :)

Tactic uses an AETR channel order (Aileron, Elevator, Throttle, Rudder), so the ESC plugs into ch3, white wire on the inner pin.

Plug it straight in there and it should power the RX and everything else plugged in. The power and ground wires (middle and outer pins) of each channel are all connected together, so those wires in the ESC cable can plug right in with the signal wire. Power the ESC and everything then gets power from the ESC. Easy Peasy :)