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Corsair/Mustang - FT Mighty Minis

Yep, I've double check the controls and setup my DX6 well, all the surfaces deflects in the good direction, 50% range, 30% expo.

I was thinking that with this kind of planes, all the lift was given by the motor torque (high power motor with light structure) but I'll try to glide the plane to see what happen, thank you for your help
Anyone else flying one of these FPV? I built and maidened my Mustang yesterday and will likely fly it mostly LOS but plan on making a second canopy piece with one of the micro camera/VTXs on it so I can just swap it out super easy. I will share details as I do it.
started "Bunny" yesterday. i am lucky enough to know Stephen (Rasterize), the guy who does all the cool skins for all the FT planes.

got this printed the other day and will start build tomorrow-ish? (don't mind the custom FT Dart pieces thrown in that he did for me...)


had another mini stang that was given to me half assembled (poorly). i literally flew the motor off it. this one will not suffer the same fate...


me :cool:
been dragging my feet on this one. too many pots on the the stove. swore i was going to finish today but got to the top deck and realized i messed it up when attaching the template and did the front turtle deck supports backwards. duh. but, it does look good. i moved the motor about 15mm forward because i think she will have plenty in the trunk and wanted to compensate. worst case i move it back and have 2 extra holes in my fuselage. it' ready to go, all controls surfaces are hooked up, motor, esc, receiver, all good. i will re-print the turtle deck plans tomorrow and rebuild it, then finish. cross fingers. want to maiden this along with my new custom skinned dart on saturday.



me :cool:
After a few times touching a wing tip to a tree and then nosing in, I finally decided it was time to build a new Mini Mustang. Added some extra paper in the areas of the fuselage where the tabs from the top deck come through. I also added some wood sticks to the nose area for added strength. Ran the wire to the tail again for tail camera FPV.