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Crash Test RC - Build Fly Crash Share

Gluing the nose of the Radian Pro using Scotch 77 Spray Adhesive went well. I sprayed the adhesive into a small mixing cup before each step then used sticks and brushes to apply.

I used safety equipment : respirator, gloves, and did it outside on a deck with the wind blowing across to carry any chemicals away.

The bench.JPG

Got very sick last time I used Scotch 77, so I'm going to see if I do it safely with a the above precautions.

Started with the top of the nose:

glueing the tip of the nose2.JPG

The strategy was if I could align that little bit, I could work my way back and correct everything else, keeping it in alignment

about to glue the bottom.JPG

I was encouraged when I saw the results. Bringing the bottom pieces together would shape the nose up nicely.

There were other cracks, including the damage I did with the screwdriver (see other post). I used sticks and brushes to get the glue into these cracks and pushed them together. It took a lot of patience to hold the parts together until enough of the solvent evaporated to make the cracks stay closed. The trick with the Scotch 77 is to apply it to both surfaces, let the solvent evaporate, then bring them together. If you jump the gun you can slide the edges past each other (which is kind of helpful), but have to hold them until they'll stay in place.

the crack.JPG

Eventually I got everything together, including the bits and pieces of plastic parts and the firewall.

glueing the bottom inside.JPG

glueing the bottom outside.JPG

glueing the various plastic components.JPG

with the skid plate on.JPG

I'm going to let everything setup overnight and attach it to the fuse tomorrow.