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Custom wiring harness = Spekturm600mwhVTX + RuncamSwift2

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So the Runcam Swift2 wires are not plug and play with Spektrum VTXs......forcing me to hard wire the micro-JST connections (J.S.T. means Japanese Solder-less Terminal there are many, many types of connectors and fittings not just the red two wire but I digress...) I had the Spectrum 600mWH and like the Flight time and voltage feature of the Runcam Swift 2. If I can not get this to work, in the end Jeremiah over at Stone Blue Airlines.com is sending me another VTX that will work. I like a project though . I feel like I am about to get a lesson in sparks.... |;->

I would like to power the whole system off of the flight battery's balance plug. Clean the power through a UBEC thence to the VTX and camera.

I have two questions cause I'm electrically dim....(yes pun intended....always)

1. How do I wire the male balance plug {4 pin} to the UBEC {2 wire}?
(-)Black to one pin i know but then there are 3 other pins and one (+)red wire going into the UBEC.

2. On the other side of the UBEC, three wires (-) (+) (w) the VTX has two wires for powerin (-) and (+). How do I wire that up?








I would have used the forums image up-loader but it was'nt working for me, sorry for the links.
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To power off your balance lead, you’ll want to use the two outside pins/plugs. If it’s a 3S battery (4 pins), you don’t need to use the two internal ones. The outside balance leads should provide the exact same voltage as your main battery lead.

Your diagrams seem correct, but I’m unclear what the S wires are. You don’t need to worry about the white wire from the BEC (maybe that’s an esc with a BEC). Video out from camera and into the VTX (yellow). Make sure your camera and VTX share the same ground (black) and voltage (red).

Note, if this is you’re VTX:
https://www.spektrumrc.com/ProdInfo/Files/SPMVT025-Manual-US ONLY.pdf
It should be able to handle up to 24V input voltage (a 5S battery). The RR Runcam Swift 2 can handle up to 36V. So technically, you don’t need a BEC.

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The s in my diagram is the sound channel. From what I have learned so far a separate Bec should clear up any interference produced by the motor and ESC giving me a good crisp image. thank you so much for your quick reply, now I just have to wait on good weather. Oh another reason use a second BEC is the power receiver and servos so should the ESC fry and I lose power I may still have control airplane.

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Got it! my soldering game S U X but that's another story.

Here are the pix of it all put together ;-)
LOVE LOVE LOVE the voltage displayed in the goggles!!! Who needs Eagle tree now?
I should dress it up, shorten wires etc but the weather will be nice tomorrow, I'd rather fly....

French, BIG THANK YOU for your knowledge.