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Dare/Brodak Cessna 195

I got the base color on the cowling and the tail cone. I also got the rest of the covering on the fuselage. I think I will probably put a stripe of some sort on the vertical, but haven't decided. I'll also likely put a little blue on the wings somewhere. I use the pin strip tape to cover my crappy covering cutting ability!!:black_eyed: I still need to detail the engine, maybe I'll get some time tomorrow and Sunday.

For the final filler, after priming the cowl and tail cone, I use some Bondo spot filler. The Bondo sanded easier and didn't seem to crack as easy as the Squadron putty.




The nice part about the trim striping, it shrinks and tightens when ironed, so a quick pressing with the covering iron really set's it in place!!
For now, I am going to call it done! I know the blue isn't on the cowl yet, but I want to let the enamel get good and hard before I put lacquer over it. I didn't put any color on the wings, but I did add an accent to the tail. Overall, I am fairly pleased with the outcome. The balsa wedges between the motor and the dummy engine are holding it centered while the canopy glue on the engine dries.






And yes, two airplanes in the kitchen (Decathlon in the background), means the wife is not home!!
Love the detail the blue and trim bring to the color scheme. This plane gave me goose bumps! Nice job on a nice subject. And I never heard of the manufacturer prior to this build. I don't know how that happened.:confused:
Thanks guys! Now I just need a weather window for a maiden. It's been weird spring so far, so who knows when the weather will line up with my schedule. There have been way too many days when there's been perfect flying weather, and I've been stuck at work.....


Fly Angry
This turned out awesome mate. :applause:

The coloring is minimal but suits the plane well. It has some class about it. If anything I would not do any blue on the cowl but instead maybe shade in some exhaust discoloration Around it where the real radials would have some staining even on a top kept plane. Anyways you have in mind what you like and I am sure that will enhance the look too. Great job again on this. Looking forward to some pics with blue skies in the background.
Maiden is done! It was a bit more windy than I would have preferred, but it was manageable. I am guessing 5 mph, gusting to 10. All in all, it's a pretty good flying plane. I wish it would have been more calm. Hopefully there will be some calm days soon, but spring in eastern Idaho is a windy time of year...



Fly Angry
that thing flys so slow and smooth I was waiting for it to fall on a few of those turns.

BTW what was that at 2:30? Was that a flock of white birds or a small meteor swarm? Hard to tell. It is almost like your video looked past the atmosphere into space and there were stars for a second.

Joker 53150

Mmmmmmm, balsa.
Wow, that looked like the video was playing at about 1/2 speed, she'll certainly be a lot of fun on calm days. :) Congrats on a successful maiden!