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DC3/C47 2 meters / 6,5 foot twin electric plane

Hi guys!
I´m almost done!
Today was soldering day, I solderd on the servowire extensions for the enginenacells.
As you can see i have two differend minus cables (black and dark blue)
This is caused by the destination of these cables.
One part is running to the RX and one part is running to the Arduino.
All my servos in the nacell are controlled by a Arduino, the RX just controlls the ESC.
I also solderd on the main-powercables.
They are 2,5mm² in thickness so they are ideal for 25 Amps (I have 25A ESC´s build in).
After i had the nacells mostly done i continued with the tailsection.
I had to build a Y-connector for the elevator and extend the cable to the front.
To build a Y-connector i used a little breadboard peace and a few pins (comming with an Arduino).
This Y-connector or Y-harness is all made from scrap so i really don´t understand why these Y-harnesses are so expensive!
Anyways, i solderd it together and pluged in the plugs from the two elevator servos.
I placed it in this little door i made before because i really don´t have any place to work back there.
Then i realised that there was a screw which blocked thelandinggear so i removed a bit of the screwhead.
The next step will be to finnish the secound nacell, to glue on the nacells and to mount the gear.
I think i´ll be finnished in the next week (finally:D)

See you!
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Today i finnished the calbe stuff and i put both of the enginenacells in place. WP_20180527_11_08_16_Pro.jpg
I realised that the cap of a spraycan just fits onto the motors.
So i thought that it would look a bit more professional if the motors are protected ba some colorful plastik caps:LOL:.
I also put a LED on the belly of the fuselage.
Here is a picture from the inside of the fuselage:
I kinna like this huge bunch of cables:p.
Next i put on the landinggears.
And i hooked in the pushrods which connect the servos with the landinggear.
Then i put some carbonfibre rods onto the motors so i can see where the are pointing.
I adjusted the nacells so the rods where parallel and pointed to the front.
That was in the morning, after a great day on the RC field i glued on the first nacell with 10 min. epoxy.
As you can see i used pretty much Epoxy because all the bumps from the gear and all the vibrations and forces from the motors are transferred to the wing here.
It´s a highly forced joint.
Douring the Epoxy dried i hold the nacell in place with two little pins.
And i´ve got my reciver.
The plane has just 8 channels but i didn´t get a 8 channel reciver so i bought a 9 channel one.
I´ll find a way to use this channel, believe me!:ROFLMAO:

I´ll finnish the nacells and the wings tomorrow and then i´m alsost done with the plane!
See you tomorrow!
Hi guys!
Today i fixed the wings agains rotations.
Therefore i used a strip of fibreglass.
And douring the epoxy dried i made a cover for the gaps on the sides of the enginenacells.

That´s all i made today:confused:.

Hi guys!
The first electronics are working!
I first had to repair a connection which i forgot to solder but after a bit fiddling around it worked!
As you can see the retracts are good so next i started up the motors.
They are both running the right way!:eek:
That was douring the last week.

Today i glued on the tail!
And then there was the big moment.

It stands on it´s own weels!
In this situation i also weighed it.
It´s a bit heavier then i expected.
But 2kg (~4.4 pounds) are still good for a wingspan of 2 meters!

I hope i can maiden it next Sunday!
I´ll post a video then!

See you!
I can´t wait fot the maiden too!:)
But it´s verry important to not hurry up now!
Now, when it all comes together you can make the worst mistakes!

By the way, i checked the CG today, and it´s in the middle of the wing!
That´s way to far back.
I think the CG would be ok there if the tail would be a lifting tail (like in the original).
I have to make the nose about 3 cm longer and place the main batterie in the verry front to avoid that i have to use extra weight.
It´s already verry heavy!

I also finnished the flaps today.
I made them from fibreglassed balsawood.
WP_20180601_22_52_41_Pro.jpg WP_20180601_22_53_23_Pro.jpg WP_20180602_09_28_16_Pro.jpg

After i spread out the eposy over the fibreglass with a brush i used a toiletpaperroll to remoce excess epoxy.
It´s really important that you roll the toiletpaperroll in the right direction and that you press it down pretty hard.
The result is great!

WP_20180602_18_24_30_Pro.jpg WP_20180602_18_24_43_Pro.jpg WP_20180602_18_36_32_Pro.jpg WP_20180602_18_36_38_Pro.jpg

I already made some taxitests and it performs great!

Let´s see how the maiden flight comes out!

I finally made the maiden flight!
And she flyes sooo great!
The Landing was . . .
But that´s onely because i stalled her in the last meters and i didn´t mounted the landinggear strong enough.
DSC_0918.JPG DSC_0919.JPG DSC_0921.JPG
It´s all repairable
I´ll also add stronger servos to the landinggear, it wasn´t the reason for that but one of the servos already died so i have to change them anyways.

See you!
Hi guys!
douring the last week i finnished the landinggearmounts.
(i can't insert pictures into the text with my mobile phone :rolleyes: just take a look in the attatchments;)).

I also got the cowlflaps to work.

And i'll hopefuly fly her again on sunday.

See you!