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DC3/C47 2 meters / 6,5 foot twin electric plane


Toothpick glider kid
Nice flight! I’m glad that it flew well, although it looks a little tail heavy to me and that could have played into the landing issue. Overall though great job! I can’t wait to see her all painted up.
She's a bit tailheavy (CG is in the middle of the wing) but i'll ballance that out with the Arduino, which will be attached in the nose.
If that isn't enough I'm going to use a bigger batterie (I'm going to do that anyways).

In the meantime I also made some progress!
I first fixed the batterie holder.
And when I got nothing to do in school I went to the library and started with the Arduino code.

I hope the weather is fine tomorrow so I can fly her again.

See you!


Jes, it looks like she flyes great but she really ignores the ailerons!
I now mixed the rudder with the ailerons but i didn´t tryed it out jet (the last flight on this day should be the testflight).

Here is the video from the last sunday:

On the last flight i pulled up too early and stalled out.
The damage is verry small.

See you!

By the way i´ve got the nightlighting to work!

I flew it on the next evening but the landing didn´t go so well.
You really have to watch you speed douring landing!


The whole inner wing is done!
I´m gonna fill the broken surfaces with some epoxy and then i´ll just hold the nacell and the lanndinggear in place.
The opinion is to open everything up and to replace the whole nacell.

See you!
Hello guys,
i´ve been away for a long time now but i´ve got a lot to do for my final exams and stuff.
But anyway this is what i´ve made on the plane so far.
I put some metall gear servos on the retracts because the old ones died on me.

And i´ve repaired the broken engine nacell with some carbonfibre rods but i forgot to take pictures of that:rolleyes:.

Year, a hard landing + 5mm balsa :ROFLMAO:

I'm liking those landing lights.

See ya!