Help! Decent FPV gear?


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Hi, I am thibking of getting back into FPV quads again, but I happen to be short of a camera, VTX and antenna. Does anybody know of any good and fairly priced FPV cameras, VTXs or antennae? I'd much appreciate your help.

Happy flying!


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My quad came with a RunCam and Vtx bundled. But I've trailled a few antennas. These red Foxeer ones have been the best I've tried.

Although what made the biggest difference for me was installing a new receiver module on my goggles. The goggles are Eachine EV200D, if you wanted to know.

I initially tried with a cheaper camera like LuvMy40 suggested but likewise - I haven't looked through it from the air. The plane it was on wasn't getting off the ground and I eventually removed it to save weight. But from what I could see on the ground, it was good. I mean... It's an FPV camera, we don't expect a super sharp image.