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depron indoor delta (with stopmotion video!)

Hello everybody

We are David and Casper from RadioControlledNL and we have also a youtube channel.
David is almost 17 years old and Casper is 16 years old.
we're posting video's about rc planes and in the future also about rc cars, boats and other stuff.

David made a rc indoor delta of depron. it is our own design and it is easy to build.
We made a couple of versions: Our first version was very aggressive but flew pretty wel.
Our second version was very nice, but it was a bit heavy and was hard to control at slow flight.
Our third version was the first plane of casper. it was a big delta with the motor in the middle and a kfm airfoil.
It was a very nice beginner plane because it could fly pretty slow and the controls were nice and slow.
Now we got a fourth version of our delta. It is especially made for indoor flight and outdoor in low wind.
The delta is made of 3mm depron, the leading edge is 6mm and the nose is 9m depron.
It has a total weight of 185 grams. Its great for the first time flying indoor. Because de motor isn't in front so it doesn't damage in a crash and the elevons are behind the prop for good controls at slow speed.

David made a stopmotion film about the build. And we have a nice video with some flying
The stopmotion build video:
The flying video (outdoor)

David and Casper from the Netherlands
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