Jupter Junior conversion from Depron and build.

I Found this wonderful little cartoonish bi-wing over on rc-plans.com and I just had to build it. It seems as though all depron in the world caught covid and died, like a bunch of stuff in this hobby! So I'm gonna try making it out of foamboard. I made a few mods to the plans and printed them out, glued them to posterboard and cut out the templates. Next round is cutting out the foamboard...
J Junior Build (2).jpg
J Junior pic.jpg


Building Fool-Flying Noob
In America, Depron has been limited to one seller https://www.rcdepron.com/ the prices are accessible to try.
If you don't like it, Call up the Chinese(?) and German Manufacturers, and complain.
so its one supplier that charges an arm and a leg for a sheet or call germany and complain? Thanks but no thanks, this is supposed to be a hobby (I.E. Fun) not a fight to get supplies, I'll keep converting........

Have a nice day