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Determining ESC Needs based on Battery Discharge Rate


I purchased the Bixler PNP and am still piecing together the electronics. I purchased a Turnigy 2200mah 3S 25-25C battery and a Turnigy Plush 30A Speed Control. After doing some reading about calculating the discharge rate in amps on my battery, I have some concerns.

If I use the following formula, the discharge rate in amps is calculate by multiplying the mah by the C value. 2200 * 25 = 55A (I found this formula on another thread). If my speed control is a 30A speed control, does that mean that the battery is too much for the speed control to handle?

Thanks for the help!

Look at the motor you are using. This has the most effect on all of the rest of the electronics. Check the max amp draw from the motor and this will help you choose your esc. eg the motor will have a max draw of 25a with the most efficient prop on any 3s battery, then an esc of 30a and larger can be used. Always use a slightly larger esc and when unsure, physically check amp draw before fitting with a meter.

The C rating on the battery is for the "punch" that the battery can give and the MAX charge amps you can apply (if you realy need to) . Usually around 20C-25C is commonly used for most prop driven planes.

The mha is baisicaly the capacity of the battery and also has an effect on the overall weight of the battery. eg. A 800mha battery will run for about 8 mins and weigh 100grams , where a 2200mha will run for about 22 mins and weigh 300 grams.
( I made up the figures above to give you an idea of the differences)

So, all in all, yes the battery you have can deliver around 55a if the motor requires that much but, if the motor will only need 20a max then the esc you have will be ideal.