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Discharging 1s lipos

Hey guys, I've been into quadcopters for quite some time and I've hade a tiny whoop for a while. I still don't know exactly how to discharge batteries. I normally fly at least six packs a day but I recently put it off due to weather. I left my (6x) 1s 255 mah HV lipos at about 25% charge after flying for about 5 days, now they only fly for a minute or two and have no power. I've been told to discharge them and recharge them by a friend but I'm not sure if that's right. Also, YouTube isn't much help on how to discharge them in the first place. Please help!!


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Personally I keep all my batteries stored at 3.85V when not using for any length if time. After flying 1S batteries for the day, I'll use my ISDT Q6 Plus to store them. It has Storage-Charge so I don't worry whether they're high or low before putting them on the charger. I power the charger from an old imbalanced 4S Eflite battery.
The old discharge/recharge cycle comes from NiCad/NiMh batteries where the batteries had a memory of how much charge they could take... Lipo's do not respond the same way...

5 days leaving a lipo should not hurt the battery...

How old are the batteries??
What make are they??

I do the same as TazRc where I do put my batteries at 3.8 or 3.7 volts per cell when putting them into storage for a while.
Also keeping them in a cooler environment will also help... I know some people but batteries into a refrigerator over the winter to help preserve the batteries them selves.

Try cycling the batteries a few times (discharge then charge...).
If you dont have a discharge available on the charger just fly them.
I bought these batteries on February 15 of this year and they are mylipo 255 mah HV. I use a parallel board also sold by tiny whoop to charge them all at once. I usually charge them to 1200 mah total but now I can only charge to 200 to be told that they are at full capacity


Obsession, not hobby
I don't have experience with Mylipo batteries in particular so I can't comment on their durability or longevity. I would wonder if you're keeping the batteries close in voltage before the start of charge. When I parallel charge 1S batteries, I still store or discharge individually so the batteries are always close enough in voltage to parallel charge.
I've been busy for the past few weeks because of finals. So I haven't had time until recently to fly. I couldn't get my batteries to give as much of a kick as they used to but I they no longer die as quickly as they used to


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I've noticed that 1S packs die really quickly… For comparison, however, larger packs probably die just as quick. I think it's a matter of the power requirement of your craft. For a tiny whoop, you need all the punch you can get and so you really notice when the pack sags a little more than it used to. Meanwhile, i've been running the same 3s 1300mAh on my Sport Cub for 2-ish years without any *noticeable* changes to performance.