DJI Air unit for plane, use only video?


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In short: Could i use DJI air unit for only video using only the red and black wire for power?
So my dad got DJI googles and DJI FPV drone, and i was wondering if i could add a DJI Air unit to my regular plane? Looks like the air unit only needs power to send video? And then you could connect to a Flight controller for more info (battery voltage and so on)
So my setup would be:
Plane with 3s or 4S lipo, 1 ESC and motor, 4 servos and a regular 4 ch receiver.
Then i would just take power from battery to the air unit and not utilize the other wires of the air unit, is that possible?

This would "only" be about 200 dollars for me, and i would get to borrow the (very nice) goggles often, so thats why im considering the air unit.