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Do you *really* need 640x480 goggles?

So I've been reading a lot on fpv goggles and camera resolutions...perhaps too much. Head...hurting..... I see 640x480 goggles that are $250+, all the way down to the HK/Turnigy 'Basic' goggles at 428x240 (Widescreen) for $90 bucks. The problem is that most forums online say you want at least 640x480 for FPV flying.

Here's the deal- I will be using a flight camera and an HD camera. For the flight camera, as long as I can tell the difference between a mountain and the sky, then that would do just fine. The sole purpose for the flight camera/goggle setup would be to fly the plane and carry the nice HD camera around without running into anything. I am not looking for the thrill of crystal clear HD FPV flight through the goggles. (Although that would be awesome...maybe later)

The other consideration would be, can OSD's be used with sub 640x480 resolution? (And I'll say this- if the OSD text is not crisp and sharp, *but I can read it*, then that would be usable)

So, could I get away with buying cheaper, lo-res goggles and have them work with say, the NOVA OSD? (With the assumption that the experience may (will?) be sub par -I am more curious as if its even possible)

Thanks guys!
Some OSD do not like the lower resolutions - The text can be very hard to read.
I have 640*480's and that is very easy to read OSD on.



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I think it also comes down to the experience. I actually made a home made set using Video Goggle I purchased through ebay that where pretty low res (MyVu)

Have a look at this video

I could read the OSD which was using Remzibi and it was ok but not great. Straight after using these I purchased the Predators from HK. So in answer to your question they were useable even at their low res but my FatSharks kill them. I'm about to order my second pair of FatSharks for my son.
Thanks for the quick answers guys. bmsweb, would you say that when you were using the MyVu, the OSD symbols looked the same, better, or worse as it looks in your video here -

While not super nice and crisp, if the OSD looked like it does in that video, that is more than good enough for me! (Lowering your expectations makes everything seem wonderful! ;) )

While I totally get that the experience is better with the higher resolution, I'm trying to make the personal decision of spending the extra $200 or so. I could buy a lot of HK stuff with that $200!

Now I need to go check out more of your NOVA OSD youtube vids!
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I actually buggered up that video when encoding it so I would have to say through the cheaper pair I built, the OSD is a lot clearer than what you see on this video. The optics of the NOVA are not great and they have a few other little hiccups but they do work. I find them a little hard to wear.

For example if I take the Fatshark off and can focus on the plane pretty quickly but when I take these other ones off it take my eyes a little while to get focus on the model. Its really hard to explain . . its like looking at something really close for ages and then trying to quickly focus on something far away
I know comparing the 'in goggle' view with the youtube video probably isn't the best way, but your answers have given me all the information to make an informed decision. I think I'll just try and deal with the weird eyestrain/optical issues of the MyVus. (or something similar) Thank you!

NOVA OSD has been ordered! :)
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Youre very welcome, just keep in mind I purchased the MyVu and the Ski Goggles and then purchased the Fatsharks. Mind you having said that I think if you get your hands on the Turnigy FPV goggles they should be heaps better than the MyVu that I played with.