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Does anyone run a combination of push and pull?

Thanks much will do. Thinking I should still put it under a help tag as a build in progress with issues sort of thing. Where would that be? I hate to start a new thread everytime there's a problem with the same tired old thing. Don't know where to quite update either 20190627_205311.jpg


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I would still start a new build blog in this section. The build blogs do get read at each update so all you need to do is pose your question, ideally at the relevant build point but not essential.
You will get answers. Whether they will all give the same advice is another matter! :eek:


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The push/pull twin boom Ki 94 - I was cancelled at the wood mock up stage. No prototype ever started.
The later Ki 94 - II was a more conventional single engine fighter. The prototype was being readied for flight at the end of the war.