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They are in set B. You need both. Be warned though I messed up and you will need 1/8” boards not 3/16”. The design needs some tweaking but I am trying to see if it’ll still work.

Alright then, I will try my best to figure it all out.


Of course :). I may also freestyle a few parts like the canopy, no offence but it looks a bit squished. I will report back with findings and photos.
NP. I actually debated not having the canopy cause I figured it would look fine without it. Could probably make something nicer for sure.


I think I will have to definitely redo the plans after this first build attempt. I will still finish but it isn’t capable of holding the electronics with the set of batteries I have. However it looks like it may make for a cute little glider so I’ll try and make it somewhat flight worthy LoL


So I made some tweaks to the patterns so that it is actually going to work with 3/16" thick foam-board. The fuse should also be a bit bigger to fit the battery. I also changed the design for the nose so its easier to construct and is stronger. I had to move the booms out just a bit to make sure the props clear. I extended the wing chord just a bit and increased the elevator surface area. So you may have noticed a couple components have cuts and folds on the opposite side of the pattern which is a bit different so just pay attention to the legend. You need both Set A and B to have all the patterns.


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