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Does Josh Bixler have hands made of iron?


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Watching some of the FT videos I have noticed that Josh just bends wire, wipes hot glue and performs miracle cuts with just his bare hands...when I try, I cut myself, burn myself (just healed up from the last burn) and wreck my hands trying to bend wire (like landing gear wire). How does he do it? Does he have bionic hands? He is amazing! He must do hand workouts...


Staff member
haha we are still unsure WHAT josh bixler is made out of...he seems to be able to defy all laws of scratch building with ease! ;)

I will give you a quick hint on the HOT GLUE part though that I learned from him... Lick your fingers before touching/whiping the hot glue and it tends to work a lot better in your favor ;)

Good luck and we pray your wounds are healed quickly!

Blessings and happy flying friend!


Wake up! Time to fly!
He is made of sugar and spice and everything nice.

Its the hard candy shell that protects him.

(mechanics hands are tougher then some metals)


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Thanks, I am so glad I ran across his videos, he is a great teacher! I have learned a lot in the past months: Hot glue is really hot, knives are sharp, and foam board planes don't like flying into trees very much. Anyway, thanks FT, awesome people!
Bending the wire is also about getting them set up well in your plyers. I struggled at first to bend the wire well but with practise you can bend a perfect 90 degree in a metal coat hanger with just your thumb and some players you get in a Christmas cracker


Wake up! Time to fly!
It is amazing how tough and resilient skin can be. Back when I was playing bass regularly I used a tester for metal hardness (spring loaded pin on a dial indicator) and found my fingertips were harder then aluminum. Used to win bets in the machine shops til someone started telling the machinists. One guy tried to super glue his finger tips to be harder then mine.. Boy was he wrong.. specially when the glue took a good 5 of the 7 layers of skin with it after the skin dried up and the glue caps fell off.
Probably "conditioned" his hands the same way I have done my entire life. I smash walnuts, bend wires, and crazy things like punching dents out of the roofs of cars and opening cans with the knuckle of my middle finger.