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Download YouTube Build Videos iOS

Then how do I get them on the phone or ipad?
This way I find Im just dealing with one device. I don't use a computer for most things these days.
I have a YouTube watch later list. If I'm traveling I copy link from the YouTube app to the documents app and now I have a set to watch when I'm out of wifi range.
Anyway this is one more option that someone may find useful.
An easier way

Yo, you can actually put it directly on your iPhone. Las time I used this: https://softorino.com/youtube-conve...be-videos-iphone-ios-9-no-jailbreak-required/. It's been a long long flight but I got through quickly and alive. ;)
So this means you don't need to use Documents or Savefromnet – which takes all the pain away, man. Just copy the URL, launch this Softorino converter, connect your iPhone to the computer and done. You can also send it on your iPhone via Wi-Fi. Makes it super convenient for me.
Last time I downloaded a whole bunch of documentaries about wildlife and history –*made the flight a hella easier. Especially when the Internet is so so expensive. But you know, up to you.
Yeah, right

Weird enough your shared article doesn't talk about anytrans. It's Titan Downloader, which doesn't seem to be available on the App Store...


Aviation Enthusiast
When you download youtube videos using a downloader, just convert them to a mp4 file then just drag the mp4 into iTunes and sync to your Apple device. Easy.