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Help! Dreading Asking, but we're in really Bad Shape...

As a matter of fact I did forget about one thing........

We're OUT of the deep end - THANKS to You Guys!!! But....
I forgot one little detail. (As my Stepdaughter is yelling at the back of my head)

We STILL need help with FOOD. We're getting help from Social Services, and from the Church... But basic Canned, dry, non-perishables only. And Milk for the Baby from WIC.

[GAWD!! I've never felt more like a Scrub, than I feel right now]

We have to feed my Wife, Cindi, with the type of foods that will help her fight her Cancer. I'm a Diabetic... Not as important, but I can't eat just anything.
Two of Cindi's Kids have Polycystic Kidney Disease, and HAVE to have a LOW Sodium Diet. (They won't Move Out, so I have to try to take care of them too)
Then there's my 14 Month old Grandson. Fortunately, there's Services to help Him. Like everything else - NOT enough.

What we're not getting help with is, ANY Supplements (Vitamins ect.), Fruits and Vegetables, Other Dairy, Core Ingredients (Flour, Rice, Pasta, Sugar) to help us feed OURSELVES with Healthy Food.

Nothing for Bottles, Paper Towels, Diapers, Talc Powder or Wipes for the Baby.

I was SO EXCITED about paying the Rent, and the Relief that came with it, that I forgot about the necessary Expenses we'll need until mid January, when that sorely needed raise kicks in.

I Hope and Pray that you and your Families are well, Healthy, and have a Wonderful Christmas!!! Thank You.

Thought I would introduce you to my Grandson, with his favorite Gampy. He truly is a Miracle!!!

Wish I could do more for you, sir. If you were closer maybe. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers1
KEEP those Prayers coming!!! There's a lot of hard times around these days. Possibly more than at any time since the Great Depression. I don't expect, nor would I want, anyone who can't afford it, to stretch themselves by helping us!!
I really understand. More than any other time in my life.

It's going to be a rough ride for the next 5-6 Weeks. By God, we'll get out on the other side!
The Generosity here has been unprecedented. We have Faith that a few others who can, will.

Meanwhile, we have been given a crash course in being dirt poor...
Frankly, we're doing much better than I could have ever imagined. Especially Me! I've always been Middle/Upper Middle Class. Never Rich, but never having to turn anyone down, if they needed help, or if I wanted something, I just bought it.

Different times now. I'm rolling with it.....
As long as my Family is OK, it's all good!