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Help! Dreading Asking, but we're in really Bad Shape...

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As a matter of fact I did forget about one thing........

We're OUT of the deep end - THANKS to You Guys!!! But....
I forgot one little detail. (As my Stepdaughter is yelling at the back of my head)

We STILL need help with FOOD. We're getting help from Social Services, and from the Church... But basic Canned, dry, non-perishables only. And Milk for the Baby from WIC.

[GAWD!! I've never felt more like a Scrub, than I feel right now]

We have to feed my Wife, Cindi, with the type of foods that will help her fight her Cancer. I'm a Diabetic... Not as important, but I can't eat just anything.
Two of Cindi's Kids have Polycystic Kidney Disease, and HAVE to have a LOW Sodium Diet. (They won't Move Out, so I have to try to take care of them too)
Then there's my 14 Month old Grandson. Fortunately, there's Services to help Him. Like everything else - NOT enough.

What we're not getting help with is, ANY Supplements (Vitamins ect.), Fruits and Vegetables, Other Dairy, Core Ingredients (Flour, Rice, Pasta, Sugar) to help us feed OURSELVES with Healthy Food.

Nothing for Bottles, Paper Towels, Diapers, Talc Powder or Wipes for the Baby.

I was SO EXCITED about paying the Rent, and the Relief that came with it, that I forgot about the necessary Expenses we'll need until mid January, when that sorely needed raise kicks in.

I Hope and Pray that you and your Families are well, Healthy, and have a Wonderful Christmas!!! Thank You.

Thought I would introduce you to my Grandson, with his favorite Gampy. He truly is a Miracle!!!



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Wish I could do more for you, sir. If you were closer maybe. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers1
KEEP those Prayers coming!!! There's a lot of hard times around these days. Possibly more than at any time since the Great Depression. I don't expect, nor would I want, anyone who can't afford it, to stretch themselves by helping us!!
I really understand. More than any other time in my life.

It's going to be a rough ride for the next 5-6 Weeks. By God, we'll get out on the other side!
The Generosity here has been unprecedented. We have Faith that a few others who can, will.

Meanwhile, we have been given a crash course in being dirt poor...
Frankly, we're doing much better than I could have ever imagined. Especially Me! I've always been Middle/Upper Middle Class. Never Rich, but never having to turn anyone down, if they needed help, or if I wanted something, I just bought it.

Different times now. I'm rolling with it.....
As long as my Family is OK, it's all good!


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I'm really going to try not to do this too much, as it really makes me feel like CRAP....

But Guys, we need a little more help. If you're able, we'd be so grateful.
Thank You

I'm not an active poster in the forum, I read way more that I write but I truly appreciate the fellowship this forum provides. Your being a part of the family adds to that. I know that it won't solve the problems but hope that it helps a little on the way. Wish I had read this sooner as I would have done something then. We will add you to our prayers and will help you celebrate in spirit when this is behind you.

Thank you for your service and we hope you and your family have a happy holiday together!



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God Bless you!! Everything and anything helps, and we sure appreciate your help and your Prayers.
I hope your Family has a wonderful Christmas Season!!


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............ IF anyone can, we have ANOTHER calamity. Only one out of our 3 Kids have Christmas Presents!
I know this isn't an Emergency, but if we could get a little more help, it would be so appreciated.

Again, I can't WAIT for 9 January!! This raise is ONLY 9 years overdue.... Hopefully, this nightmare will finally be over! Or at least it will make our lives less stressful.
I hope your Holidays are Pleasant!


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Wish I could do more, But you know how far a retired vets pay can go. Wishing you and your family a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New year. Fred Cwo4 ENG Retired USCG


I know nothing!
Fred Cwo4 ENG Retired USCG
I'm not going to hijack this thread, but Seahunter? I've the greatest respect for the Coast Guard. You guys are always on, all the time. The CG mission may not be combat-oriented most of the time, but you guys lay it on the line every day. Mostly helping others. I just wanted to say it. I don't think it gets said enough. All respect, brother.


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I don't want to hijack my own Thread!! But Fred, I agree. The Coast Guard has done Yeoman Service for many years. Silently, almost unnoticed. Respect to you and the whole Guard!
Merry Christmas!!

We're close to getting our pathetic little Tree full of everyone's Presents. We're almost there - when just a few weeks ago we thought this was going to be a miserable Christmas.... We have been Blessed indeed this Season! I have no idea how to repay all this Generosity.


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I have no idea how to repay all this Generosity.
You could start by building and flying some planes, then using that experience to help others. It's been 6 weeks since people sent you stuff. When are we going to see some photos of something actually glued? If somebody sent me a load of stuff, I'd have had it flying the next day. I know you've had some problems, but it ony takes an hour to build a TT from cut board and if you add together all the time it's taken to make your 570 messages, you could have built the entire FT fleet!


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Just be good and helpful to others is all I would ever ask. You'll fly when you fly - in the meantime, be encouraging and supportive of others as you can and where you can.
Merry X-mas. :D
THAT, I can promise!! I try to help all I can with my limited experience in RC Flight.....
Some things translate from RC Ground, and I've been more help, hopefully!
And YES, I'll fly when I Fly. I'm still looking forward to it. It will be one more thing to share with my Toddler Grandson, who LOVES all things Mechanical!!! :cool::)

We were waiting on someone to 3D Print some parts for my RC Crawler..... My Grandson absolutely loves my little Truck!! He loves watching it crawl over bricks and rocks in our Apartment Courtyard! It's been down, for over a Month, waiting for these parts. :(

I WISH I had a 3D Printer!! I wish I knew anything about CAD and 3D Printing. :cry::( I could have had this DONE. Of course, a 3D Printer is SO far down the list of things we can get....
We need more menial things, like Food, Roach Spray, Petrol, Medicine, and a never ending supply of Diapers!!

Some of you have been absolutely incredible, helping us in that capacity. We humbly thank you.

@d8veh Do you happen to have a full time Baby in your Home, whilst trying to do everything you can for a Wife with fairly aggressive CANCER?????
Hey, I want to get something Flying even MORE than some of you! I promise, as soon as I can get one of my projects ready, all of you will know straightaway!!!

..... I do really want to get my Little Truck fixed too, for my Little Grayson, Who next to my Wife, is my whole World.

Merry Christmas! 🎅🎄


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[QUOTE="PoorManRC, post: 445358, member: 41147" Do you happen to have a full time Baby in your Home, whilst trying to do everything you can for a Wife with fairly aggressive CANCER?????
A little birdie flew in through my window and told me that her cancer has gone. Is that not so?

I still say that in the time you spent reading and posting on this forum today, you could have built half a Tiny Trainer, so you can't give anything as an excuse!
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[QUOTE="PoorManRC, post: 445358, member: 41147" Do you happen to have a full time Baby in your Home, whilst trying to do everything you can for a Wife with fairly aggressive CANCER?????
A little birdie flew in through my window and told me that her cancer has gone. Is that not so?

OMG!!! We can only Hope......
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