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Help! Dreading Asking, but we're in really Bad Shape...

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I TRULY hope you're right! We are now 4-5 weeks away from that desperately needed Raise.....
We just have to get THERE! Some of the guys here have been absolutely incredible in their Generosity. We need just a little more, to get through.


Someone from England just sent some, and it was a little more than she thought! She sent £10, and we ended up with $12.80!! PayPal automatically converts currency.
If any of you are able, Christmas is only a week away. I want nothing, but I want my Family to have the best Holiday I can get them...


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My Friends, IF any of you can help.... We REALLY need it now!
Have any of you ever got Christmas Presents for only SOME of your Children???

That's where we're at. Because of Other's generosity, we got decent Presents for our Kids....
Thanks to Medical co-pays, we ran out of money before we could get the REST of them Presents! :cry::cry:
Please, can any of you Help?

Merry Christmas! 🎅🎄


I know nothing!
Thanks to Medical co-pays, we ran out of money before we could get the REST of them Presents!
You were not able to factor in the co-pays and budget the remainder of your available funds by the number of children? I don't know how many children you are buying for, but surely that decision should have happened before you started buying presents. What gives?

If the co-pays take up your entire budget, there are organizations that help with gifts for children on Christmas; and with rent and food and utilities and everything else.

Two local groups of firefighters have been collecting money all year long. They each spend about 20k in our store, for presents, for children of families who cannot afford them. They love doing it. (They all come at once, with lists, and go shopping. We dedicate a register and several people just to assist. It is a massive undertaking. It's also a joy to see how happy they are doing it.)

The U.S. Marines have the "Toys for Tots" program. We've a "Wish Tree" in the front of our store by Customer Service, again to provide presents for children. I live in rural SC. If I've got all this? You've got tons more where you're at. PMRC, I honestly don't think you are trying hard enough.

It's just my opinion, but I think this community is pretty tapped out. If you're missing presents for children, you really need to explore all the other options out there.

I'm busting on you a bit, here, I know. I just don't get where you are coming from. You seriously just keep asking people for money. It gets old, my friend. It gets old.
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I'm truly sorry if I've been pushing anyone too far.....
That was never my intention. HOW did I miss getting Kids Presents? You'd HAVE to understand the MESS that's our lives right now - and at the same time I hope that NONE of you ever have know what this feels like!

Our Co-pays aren't "budgeted", really..... Cindi has Stage 3C CANCER! She gets a tremendous Pain or some adverse effect from the Chemo - and we HAVE to go to the Doctor. She comes Home with a Chemo Pump, plugged into her Corroded Artery. Occasionally, it LEAKS RADIOACTIVE Material. We don't get time to ask if we can afford it......

The very LAST thing I ever wanted to do, was to go begging for money! I feel very low doing it. But none of this is about what I want or need, it's about what my Family NEEDS.
It's embarrassing, and I'm ashamed. But I'll do ANYTHING for my Family.

That's about it......
If any of you can help, please do. If any of you can't, then I hope that you have enough to sustain your Families. I don't.
This is still a wonderful time of Year for me, and I still believe in Miracles. I've mentioned that I'm a 54 year old Child.

And - I also SINCERELY Appreciate the Needed Help that the incredible Members of this Family has shared with my Family!
I just hope there's a little more....
Merry Christmas 🎄🎅
Happy Holidays!
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That's enough everyone.

Bashing on other people isn't what this forum is about. Especially in the "Charity and Funds Requests" forum area. If you don't have something constructive or helpful to say, then move along and don't say anything at all.

If you can't follow that simple rule, then this forum isn't the right place for you.
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Hey guys.

I see some feathers are being ruffled here. If you do not like the content, then ignore it. The OP has posted it in the correct section of the forum, so there's no reason to be surprised if someone is asking for charity. Unless someone is actively taking advantage of another person on here, there's no need to involve yourself if it's not to your liking. We all have the choice to participate or pass on conversations here. There's no need to be hostile towards anyone else.

If you feel there's something that needs a moderator's attention, please report the posts, and we can deal with it.

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