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dx6i mixing question

I recently tried to mix me throttle with my elevator with my spectrum dx6i (the old one) on my GWS slow stick so it would not pitch up so much when I punch the throttle. I got the mix to work but my throws were so minimized that it is unflyable, if anybody could help me out I would really appreciate it, thanks.

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I had a similar problem with my dx6i when I tried to do elevons... My solution? Use my dx6e! I’m not sure why it minimizes the throws so much, but I hope you are able to figure something out!


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Are your elevator Dual Rates set to different levels depending on the switch position? You are using the ELE D/R switch to turn on the mix so you need to make sure that when you throw the switch the elevator rates don't change.

EDIT: Just tried your mix on one of my models and it worked fine, didn't lose any throw on the elevator because I have the rates set at 100% regardless of the switch position. Might be simpler to assign the mix to a different switch (like the gear switch).
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