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DX6i Two Throttle Channel Mixing


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So, trying to put a Superbee together, and getting ready to maiden. One slight problem, I can't figure out how to mix two throttle inputs. Being new to mixing channels, I don't think I have it right. I open the Adjust List, click on my MIX 1, then set it to look kinda like this:

RATE D +100% U+100%

I have one throttle channel plugged into the receiver as (obviously) Throttle, and the other as Gear. All that happens is when I flip the GEAR switch, is one motor spools to full throttle, and the other idles. When I throttle up, the other spools up and one idles (unless GEAR switch is flipped). Thanks for the help! Hope to get this bee in the air soon, my airfield is having a Fun Fly, hope to fly then. Once again, thanks!


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Problem solved (ish)! So, the DX6i can't mix throttle, at all. So I used the DX7s instead, I was able to mix my aileron, my throttle, and my differential thrust. I have got to go, will tell more soon. Just thought I would post this for anyone wondering the same thing.


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Were you trying to simply control two ESCs from the throttle stick, or were you trying to mix differential thrust? The first should be possible on the DX6i. The only thing you can't do is mix the throttle channel to respond to some other input.


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For those that need "Differential thrust" with Dx6i or other simple radios you can use a "V-tail mixer" connected between your servos and receiver, the V-tail mixer will mix any two channels that's plugged into it.
With the V-tail mixer and basic radio you can mix "elevons" for delta wings or differential thrust for steering, or "V-tail" for elevator and rudder.