Mixing help, thrust diff + tailerons DX8G2


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I am trying to set up a F-22 with twin motors that have thrust differential and tailerons.

i have a Dx8 Gen2 and am using a 6 channel Rx. i have wing type set as normal and tail set as taileron.

i have the thrust diff nailed no problem but it is using the Aux1 channel. Having never used a taileron setup before i quickly learned that you need a channel for both elevators. my first thought was to move the 2nd motor to channel 5 (gear) and change that channel in the channel assign, then mix as usual for thrust. i then would have the Aux1 channel for the tailerons. this did not work. not only did 1 elevator not work, one motor quit working.

my original mix for thrust diff was;

mix 1- Throttle>Aux1 100% 100%
mix 2- Rudder>Throttle -100% -100%
mix 3- Rudder>Aux1 100% 100%

this worked perfect for motors but not for tailerons.

i switched that to;

mix 1- Throttle>Gear 100% 100%
mix 2- Rudder>Throttle -100% -100%
mix 3- Rudder>Gear 100% 100%

and assigned gear channel to throttle, and now i only have 1 elevator and 1 motor

i have a 9 channel Rx but would prefer to use the 6 if possible, what do i need to do?

if you can help with the 6 channel awesome, if i have to move to 9 channel fine, just let me know what to do.



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at this point i switched over to a 9 channel and tried to move the throttle to another channel instead of Aux1. still wasn't able to get it to work. finally got sick of it and went back to the 6 channel and instead of using tailerons i just went with a typical elevator set-up. i had to use a servo reverser but all seems to work now.

plan to try and maiden on saturday and hopefully at some point in the future i will figure out the programming so i can switch to a taileron setup.


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I agree with @Bricks, do you have ailerons? Do you want to control the "tailailerons" with the rudder stick or aileron stick?