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Eckersly Black Posterboard, remove paper?

Hey guys,

I got a couple of sheets of the black poster board from Eckersly (I live in Australia). This might be a super dumb question, but all the plans from Flite Test leave the paper on the foam board on both sides unless it is specified in the plans right?

I looked at a few of the awesome videos and while it is not specifically mentioned they all look like the paper is kept on on both sides. Is this correct?

cheers, I'm about to start building my first foam plane after a few years of messing around with store bought foam planes,



Flite is good
Welcome to the forums.

For the most part, the paper is left on the foam for the FT builds. In some areas the paper is removed from the inside portion of the foam board to help the foam board make a curve.

The plans that have been produced by Sponz do a pretty good job of telling you where the paper gets removed. Those are mostly the newer planes.

If you have a specific plane in mind, let us know. Those with experience building that model can let you know for sure.