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Eclipson Model C


Active member
I just finished an Eclipson Model C in LW-PLA.

I made a few mistakes, but overall super happy with how it came out. I'm just waiting for a new motor to arrive and it'll be all ready for its maiden.

This is the 4th plane I've done in LW-PLA, and all of them are still flying...I've been very impressed with the stuff. Once you get it dialed in, it prints really well and makes for super light planes without sacrificing too much strength. Definitely more "flex" than normal PLA, so it seems to take a surprising amount of abuse for something so light.


Hi -
I’m just about finished with mine. Just need to add servos and motor.
Could you recommend a decent motor for this plane? Also - I was thinking of using the FT metal gear servos. Good idea?