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EDF Afterburner


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A Vampire Mk6 modified with a real working EDF afterburner! Powered with butane and ignited with parts from a stun gun David attempts to fly this EPO foam RC airplane with real flames shooting out of the exhaust tube!

Check out the extended episode below, detailing more of the work involved in creating an EDF Afterburner on a Vampire Mk6.

edf - 18 copy2.JPG edf - 1.JPG edf - 14.jpg edf - 7.jpg edf - 2.jpg edf - 5.jpg edf - 3.jpg edf - 4.jpg edf - 9.jpg edf - 10.jpg edf - 12.jpg edf - 11.jpg edf - 23.jpg edf - 21.jpg edf - 22.jpg edf - 20.jpg edf - 19.jpg edf - 17.jpg edf - 16.jpg edf - 15.jpg edf - 8.jpg edf - 6.jpg




That's my evil laugh. Don't try this at home? Yeah, right!

That thing sounds amazing. And, this is a completely ridiculous idea - just the kind of idea that appeals to me. Nice job, David!
Great project and episode. Watching David trying to blow out the afterburner was too funny. The panic on his face was priceless. Well done Flitetest crew.


I'm a care bear...Really?
Don't try this at home................. you showed us the basic idea how to do it!!!!! Its like a gunsmith showing us how to convert a M-4 to full auto and then telling not to do it....... I dont know about you but i have a model that can do this, just need to buy a new body for it.

Foam Addict

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I wonder if one could make a stable jet turbine using a set of DFs and a turbine blade set to drive them.
As I am sure I'm about to be told, I know nothing about turbines!:p

Next time David?

Foam Addict

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A friend has actually been working on a similar project and when I mentioned this episode, he said "I am definately not going to try this at home... I'll do it at the flying field!
Even I am thinking of the possibilities of doing this :D Just because of DAT SOUND!
I was actually thinking of doing something similar with butane as well glad I saw this episode because my idea was way off. I definitively would have burned the house down. :D Glad there are people out there who have the same ideas that I have but are a lot more smarter Than I LOL Great Job Dave. Maybe there is a market for your idea. I know I would buy the kit for sure :cool: DAT SOUND is just so awesome
How did David rehab that Vampire? What paint did he use? Where did he get the insignia? Did he make it? I have a 70mm Mig 15 which I would like to repaint, and I love what David has done.
Soo Funny! Well done! Some clever innovation and use of components too!

The full size Vampire never had afterburner of course but that's just being pedantic!

Great job and thank you for producing some great entertainment! Keep up the good work!