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Electrohub Drifting Please Help


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Hello all,

I am currently having an issue with the electrohub spider configuration that hopefully someone can help me with. A little background information I have set up the naze 32 board on the quadcopter I have calibrated the accelerometer, calibrated all the esc's, checked the correct way the motors are spinning. The issue I was having was on lift off my quadcopter is drifting a lot in one or two directions. I have tried to trim the aircraft using my transmitter and it does not seem to be working. If anyone would have any suggestions that would be wonderful.


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First thing you need to do is connect the board to the computer so you can look to make sure that all your transmitter channels are centered. Once you get them centered, never touch the trims again.

It sounds like you are using angle mode (AKA auto-level). Merely calibrating the accelerometers is only enough to get you close to a drift-free hover. You can micro-adjust the "level" setting using stick movements.

The following is based on MultiWii (which is the code at the core of naze32) so it should work. If I am wrong others will come along and correct it.

Step 1: Go back and read the first paragraph of the post, then do it.
Step 2: Make sure you have completed step 1
Step 3: Get your craft at least 10 feet off the ground. Use right stick if necessary to get the craft motionless in the air. Release the right stick.
Step 4: Observe direction of drift.
Step 5: Land and disarm
Step 6: Slowly push throttle stick to full throttle. If propellers start spinning, see "disarm"
Step 7: Push right stick in one direction opposite to the drift. If the craft drifted right, push left. If the craft drifted forward and right, push left now, you will cover "back" in step 9
Step 8: Hold the stick at full deflection while counting ticks on the flight controller. A tick is marked by a LED blink on the the controller. If your controller has no LEDs, a tick is approx 1 second long. The number of the counting varies, but a good ballpark is how many feet of drift you got in 5 seconds.
Step 9: Repeat step 7 and 8 if there was a secondary drift direction. For example, if the craft drifted a lot to the left and a little backwards, then maybe you put in 10 right ticks earlier and you want to put 3 forward ticks in now.
Step 10: Go to Step 3 until you are happy


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And if that doesn't work try a custom motor mix as described here: http://blog.oscarliang.net/custom-motor-output-mix-quadcopter/

Because you have a spider layout your motors are not symmetrical to the roll and pitch axis - but your naze32 doesn't (yet) know that. This solved a plethora of issues I had with my Ehub spider incl. a distinctive forward drift I couldn't get rid of before.

It looks scary at first but isn't that difficult at all. Basically you'll find out (by measuring distances between motors) that your rear two motors are closer to the roll and pitch axis (and CG for that matter) than the other two and the level of power given to them must be lowered by ratio to achieve the same effect as the front motors do with (theoretically) 100% power.

Made a world of difference to mine anyway, so you might want to give it a shot (and it's easy to reset as well in case it doesn't do any good to your quad....)


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I just wanna be sure you understand that with a Naze32 board there is NOTHING you can do that will allow you to take your hands off the sticks. No matter how well you trim it out and no matter if you are in acro or horizon the copter will still drift and you will still have to work to keep the copter in the air.

Naze32 is not like a NAZA that simply parks itself. Naze 32 is a board that makes you fly.

If you have video of the problem we can better tell if this issue is caused by a bad mix or if this is just a Naze 32 being a Naze 32.