Electrohub HELP PLEASE

I just recently got into quadcopters and I bought my first kit, the Electrohub. I got everything together with some help from some great people on the forums. I went in my backyard and got it in the air for about 10 seconds and landed it now satisfied it would fly. Later that night someone on the forum told me I needed to calibrate my ESC's (F-20A Fire Red series SimonK) via this method.
0) Ensure all props are off!
1) turn on TX
2) move throttle to full
3) power up ESC with battery
4) listen for a series of beeps/tones, at the end of which you:
5) drop the throttle down to zero
6) unplug ESC from battery and RX, and move onto the next one.

After calibrating them this way my quad would not fly and would flip over immediately and I have no idea why. Please help I am 14 and I invested all of my money from Christmas into this quad and would really like to get it flying.

I used a Tactic RX and TX because the Lemon TX I ordered for my DX6I would not properly bind. The person who told me those instructions was told by me that I would be using a Lemon RX and a DX6I TX.

All propellers are put on correctly and everything is plugged in correctly. Only one motor will turn on until the throttle is increased.

Also all parts on my quad are from the ReadyToFlyQuads Electrohub kit. With a multiwii flip 1.5 pre-flashed spider quad board. All parts are the recommended ones.

Please help! Thanks! Any information and criticism is welcome!


Hi CrusherColin1,

are you sure that every prop is on correctly AND the motors are spinning in the right way? If not, swap 2 of the 3 motor wires on the motor with wrong rotation direction, and it spins correctly. Are you sure that you connected ALL your ESCs to the throttle channel one after another.

You said that the motors are not spinning up simultaneously. That could have 2 reasons that come into my mind right now:

1. Wrong ESC calibration. Make 100% sure, that you put on full throttle when connecting the ESC to power. That's how I have to calibrate my ESC (Afro ESCs). Yours are SimonK aswell, so the procedure should be the same, but I'm not 100% sure... For your ESC, the procedure could be different. Maybe you can get information from the vendor or manual, or some knowledgeble guy here on the forums can help you out.

2. The flight controller sends wrong information to the ESCs. Do you have some kind of self leveling on? If so, you could have a accelerometre calibration issue going on. Please try out a full manual mode and calibrate your accelerometre. Has the multiWii some kind of gyro checking? I don't own a MultiWii, but I think you can connect that to the computer via USB and see the sensors working, right? Please confirm that they are working as expected.

I don't want to insult you with those "easy" problems, but it is easier to get every simple solution for your problem off with those "dumb" mistakes. Truth is, everyone makes those "dumb" mistakes and truth is, I can't come up with any other good reasons for your problem right now.

I hope this helps,
It works!

It flew perfectly! I recalibrated the ESC's, but this time I pushed the throttle trim up on my controller so the throttle was on 100%. Thanks for all the help!


No problem, glad you got in the air.
It's just soo cool to see something you built yourself flying, isn't it? :)
I sure was as happy as a bunny when I maidened my first Tricopter in the evening. It was dark and I had to light up my garden using a 500W Light, but I couldn't wait for the next day to do it. It was just to nerve wracking. I had a little more luck than you and it worked first time. ;)

Happy flying,