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Help! Electronics Help

Hi all,

Apologies in advance if this is in the wrong place, I am new here and this is my 1st post.
I am looking to get into the hobby but I am a little unsure on the electronics. I am aiming to build the FT Tiny Trainer then moving up to the simple Cub. I have the plans ready on the Foam board on the Way. In regards to the electronics, I have put together a basket of parts (I need everything) but before I purchase them I wanted to make sure that they would be a good match to the plane and they aren't going to explode or malfunction.

I think I am going to go with a XT60 standard connector for the batteries and I would make up a charging cable to go with the charger and I was going to try and make my own Control horns.

Shopping List:

Plane Electronics

I was looking exactly like you. After all of my researches, I just can say, If you go with this setup you should build FT Flyer. Also I think you will have more plane chances with cheap chinese motor. These motors really powerful.
Also you can use for pushrods just an old umbrella's wire. It fits perfect :)
In addition to I didnt clearly understand about batteries but you have to go with 3s batteries. In this given link I see 1s(3.7v) batteries.
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I agree with the others, you should go with a 3S battery.
I would suggest a lower Kv motor, something 1200-1400 would work better for you.
I would add a cell checker and linkage stoppers to the list. You will also need some control horns and fire wall, those can be made with local materials.

Thank you, unfortunately I do live in the UK. but the list you have provided will help out thank you.

So I should aim for a slightly smaller motor. I will probably go with 1400kv and I might need to do more research on the batteries as I am not sure what you mean by 1s/2s/3s (I am guessing this is number of cells) so that I shall do. This has been a big help thank you :)
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I am not sure what you mean by 1s/2s/3s (I am guessing this is number of cells)
Yes, a 3S battery has 3 LiPo cells. Each cell has 4.2v when fully charged, so a 3S battery is 12.6v. The Kv rating is the RPM per volt, so a 1000kv motor will spin 12,600 rpm on 3S, in theory anyway.


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2212 2200kv Brushless Motor: 3s- thrust:732g, 342W, w/prop: 6030. 30-35A esc.
2212 1400KV Brushless Motor: 3s- thrust:910g, 210w w/prop: 9050 . 25-30A esc.