Emax E6 transmitter, Tinyhawk, and Sparrow to start?


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So, I wanna get started in the hobby and I was thinking of getting the Emax Tinyhawk Bundle with the goggles and E6 transmitter (it uses the older FrSky D8 Protocol) for rainy days, and a Sparrow kit with the Aura 5 Lite as a fixed-wing trainer. It's a great deal on banggood, and I've gotta be cash-conscious since I'm also working on a Sport Pilot Certificate, and every dollar I spend on a drone is a dollar I can't spend flying myself!

I was thinking of using the FrSky RX4R Receiver on the plane. Will the Aura 5 work with that? I know the E6 Transmitter and the Emax Transporter goggles aren't the best in the world, but it seems like a heck of a deal.


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The sparrow isn’t really a trainer aircraft. The addition of an expensive stabiliser will make it easier to fly but won’t teach you how to fly as well as something like a Scout, Explorer or Tiny Trainer. If you set up low rates etc on those and practice you don’t need a stabiliser to learn. The Aura is also a lot more costly than similar systems from other companies, it has great features but a simple gyro will do the stuff you would need for learning if you are worried about controlling the plane on your own for half the price.
The E6 may well not work with other FRSKY receivers. Since 2019 ACCESS has been their main protocol, D8 is an ACCST protocol, the two are not compatible.
The quad you like is fine, the box goggles are also fine, I used similar ones learning and they worked great. The Tinyhawk is more than capable of flying outside. If you just want to fly inside a cheaper brushed motor whoop and goggles etc can be had as a deal for $60 or so.
I would decide what you want to learn first, FPV quads or fixed wing, then buy one set up but put more money into that. If you buy one real transmitter and an aircraft of your choice you will set yourself up better for the future, making your second buy easier.
If you want to fly quads my advice would be to buy a Jumper T16 transmitter as a new purchase (it has multi protocol so can work with any receiver and does D8) or if you want to save money look for a second hand Taranis 9XD or QX7 with ACCST. Those are easy to work on, the gimbals and switches are available as spares and there’s lots about. I have a second hand 9XD and it’s worked great with D8 quads, plus planes and wings.
Open TX is a pretty steep learning curve, so have a good hard look at that before diving in. It’s the best for quads but can be confusing at first. There are also Flysky compatible mini quads, with the receiver built in.
If you are going fixed wing there’s nothing wrong with a cheap TX like the Flysky FSi6, they work well and you can always upgrade later.
Those bundle TX’s are not really any use for anything except the plane/quad they came with.