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Help! Emax micro avan

I have an ft gremlin with standard 1104 motors and 6 amp escs. Can I fly with the emax micro avan 2 inch props with the current setup that I have? They say that they are for 11xx motors. What kind of performance differences will I experience with these props instead of the emax t2345 props that I currently have(flight time, speed, etc.)?


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I fly the stock emax props on mine. I tried the avans. I did not however think the tune for them would be so different.

Was not paying attention to heat and crashed in damp grass. Not sure if it was the dampness or heat but the one time I flew the avans I smoked a fet on an esc and killed a motor in the process.

That all said.. yes the avans work well on the gremlins and people have had success with them.

I am more then happy on stock props whether I fly 2s or 3s. These flights are 3s complete stock gremlin on the bixler cf frame.



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Yes there is a little more time on 3s because better ability to power the fpv gear under less stress.

Be aware that stock tune will not work on 3 and you will smoke esc or motors within seconds.

I would hold off on 3s til you learn tuning..NOT to be confused with bardwell esq filter manipulation.

In any case.. any time you make changes do test hovers and gradually build up flight time while keeping a tight eye on motor heat.

You can litterally smoke a stock motor in under 10 seconds on 3s if you are not careful.


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Yup. Very easily. I suggest you decide what props you want to use and work from there building up to 3s.

Its the same on most quads when you jump up in voltage. You cant just randomly change battery voltages and expect perfection without making changes.


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Good luck on the build. Dont hesitate to ask questions. You could also look thru my build thread as all the changes I went thru to get mine to do what it does is all documented. Specially all the video issues I had.