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EMAX RS2306 (White Special Edition) vs other Emax motors?


I want to build a couple quadcoptors. The EMax RS2306 special edition motors look sweet, but is it worth the extra cost or should I buy a different EMax motor like the RS2205. They're a lot cheaper. Purchasing from Aliexpress and will probably be paying the high shipping cost to get it to Canada quickly. Many suppliers don't stock enough motors or enough of a selection. (I would be choosing the 2400KV or maybe 2550KV)

Or perhaps a different brand of motor? I'm thinking maybe the RS2306 outputs more power than I need...

Thinking of using this frame: https://www.amazon.ca/QAV210-Carbon...d=1539309690&sr=8-3&keywords=quadcopter+frame
(Calls for 1806-2206 motor) This is the only frame on amazon.ca. One criticism was that the arms are not bolted on and are not replaceable without throwing out the entire frame.

Thanks for your advice in advance
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One good thing about EMAX is they provide thrust charts for all their motors with different batteries and prop combinations, which makes it fairly easy to compare the different models. I haven't tried the 2306, but I've played with the 'old school' 2205 red bottoms and they work really well. If you are just starting out they will be more than adequate.

Unibody frames are generally more durable than those with replaceable arms, but when they do break it's more expensive and more work to fix... I personally prefer the unibody designs, but it's a personal taste.

Good luck with your builds :)


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If you want to get into racing (as opposed to freestyle) I think either of those frames will do well. I'm a fan of Armattan, so I would lean in that direction, though the 5.5mm arms on on the iFlight one look pretty beefy :) If you want to freestyle though, I'd look seriously at the Chameleon Ti or Rooster. Quite a bit more money up front, but there is a lifetime warranty.


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What's your experience with quads? Have you flown at all? Have you flown anything with some power?

I have those emax motors on a build and it pulls roughly 140 mph (225kmh) its a handful if you are not up to speed on tuning and how rates work. I have the 2400kv version and they get quite toasty on dal cyclones 5x4.6x3 with 4s.

I am running dal 5050 bi blades on 5s and that's a LOT of power.

I agree with Sean on the 2205 red bottoms for free style or newer pilots.


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Thanks for your advice,

What do you think of these two frames?



They're only about 50 Canadian Rupees, so those mixed with Emax's new racing spec 2 2306 motors and tri-blade props, I'll probably have quite a powerful machine.
So I have the Strider v2... And I am going to buy the armattan mongoose so I think that makes me qualified ;P I've use the strider for about a year now!

I think the Strider isa bit heavy in my opinion, but it's tough as nails! use 1500-1550 4s and those emax 2306 it should be good! I started with 2205 upgraded to 2206 and should honestly go even bigger with those 1550 or go 5s. I find my 2m30s flight time inadequate and ultimately it's not fast enough. Over the winter I'll make some upgrades and this will be a good freestyle build with the aforementioned upgrades


The Mongoose is a light weight race quad, it won't be as tough but you can go fast with 2205-2206 and 1300mah lipos but.... you may break it more often. I'll personally try it out for indoor racing this winter as I find my other race quad ( a sub 250g compact true x racer) is just way faster than the strider and flies twice as long on a smaller battery.

Also if you're going to order from rotor village get your motors there too! They have good prices and good motors and the shipping is fast... get everything there its worth it.

Hope this helps
I have flown a mavic pro quadcoptor a bunch. Obviously its going to be a completely different experience as you can't crash the mavic pro even if you try and it doesn't go very fast. I have crashed the flite test tiny trainer a few times. (I think it would be a stretch to say "I flew the tiny trainer" (I used a 2200mah 3s battery that was waay to heavy)). I'll just set the controller rate settings so that I don't use full power until I'm ready.

So getting the lighter frame might be a good idea I guess. I liked the look of the Strider though. Do you think it's possible to get under 250grams with the mongoose?
Do you get 2.5 minute flight time because you're running full power? I never even had to charge the battery on my tiny trainer once, and it didn't really drop voltage at all (pretty short 'flights'...) What should I choose if I wanted to get around ten minutes flight time considering that most the flight doesn't use above 75% power?

The Emax USA website has a buy four get one free deal right now. Although it's quite possible that getting screwed with shipping and duties would make the two free motors not worth it... 32 dollars each for the RSII when it's only like 20 else where is kinda ridiculous. It really adds up since I'm buying eight motors. I will probably still go with the 2306, it may be a more powerful motor, but in-theory more efficient then a small motor at lower rpm's.
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You should probably spend more time researching race quads mate.

10 minute flight times on them does not happen.

If you want times like that you need to go wayyy lower kv, larger props and think more long range cruiser.

I would do a whole lot more reading and asking questions before rushing into this build. Other wise you will be tossing money expecting to get one thing and end up getting a whole different thing then you think.

Building a decent and reliable, safe quad is not just a matter of slapping parts together.


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Ok sounds like you are a little bit all over the place. Definetly research a bit or find locals to help you out. The Mavic flies itself honestly a race Drone won't.

First the strider I have, I use 1300 and I rip. That's why I only get 2 and a half minutes. With a 1550 and if you fly conservative it will fly longer

10min on a quad is doable as psyborg says with a different setup.
Another option is the ldarc/kingkong 200gt with a 1300mah can get you to 10min. The 200gt is also pre built so that may be a plus for some.
But it's overrated to fly that long with a race quad, not exactly what they're made to do.

The tiny trainer should use a smaller battery and smaller batteries are cheaper so just get one. Or build a bigger plane that uses your current electronics.

As a Canadian I would recommend not ordering anything from the US. The shipping, customs and additional fees are almost never worth it.

I'd go with the strider, the mongoose will break too easily. You can certainly get under 250 with mongoose but dry! As in no battery. If you want to get under 250g all up you need to look into 3 inch or a light 4 inch Drone.

I am not sure you know what you are looking for just yet. The motor should not be the first thing that you shop for. Figure out the size you want, the batteries you'll need and match the motor to the frame.