ESC 30A or 35A


I just ordered, and received, the Power Pack C from a place here in Canada. They'd just received stock from FliteTest so I thought I would be getting the current version of the Power Pack.

However, I received the older version. Everything is identical to the current version except the ESC which is a BLHeli 30A. The current versions is a FliteTest 35A. I'll be using the recommended Gens Ace 3S 25C 2200mAh battery.

Should I be concerned about the 30A vs 35A?

And... even though I read and listened, I'm not sure I understand the difference between 2 batteries I have. Gens Ace 3S 25c 2200mAh and Gens Ace 3S 45C 2200mAh.



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C rating is the difference, higher discharge. For a big battery like that 25c is fine.
Higher discharge rating just means it can supply a greater continuous current, but C rating is a function of capacity, so the 25c one actually manages 2.2x25 = 55A so more than enough. In smaller size batteries if in doubt buy the higher C rating.
With the ESC, the extra headroom in the V2 is due to their improved ESC design, it won’t perform any better/worse with the same motor, it might run a little cooler, otherwise the 30A will be fine, as long as the motor draws 20% less than the ESC rating then you don’t have to worry.


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Per the FT description of the Power Pack C, v2:

The Flite Test Power Pack C v2 is an effort to update one of our most popular power packs to be 4 cell capable! Many of our Flite Test aircraft that are Power Pack C capable perform just great on 3 cells, but some aircraft just demand more power and excitement. Power Pack C now has a Flite Test 35amp ESC which is more than sufficient to maintain 4S and can handle up to 40amp bursts. The propeller included with this package is great for 3 cell, we would suggest a 9x4.5 or similar propeller for 4 cell.

They're giving you the extra buffer with the 35A ESC to basically allow you to hook up a 4S battery to it and not have the magic blue smoke let out. :) If you're using a 3S battery, you're not going to have any problems with the 30A.
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I knew there was something magic in those batteries. Good while it's inside the battery... bad when it's out. Got it.
I'm finally starting to understand ESC etc... thanks.
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