ESC needed for no motor sail plane?

Chuck Ray

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Newbie question....I have 2 sail planes with motors, no problem. I am building a Riser 100 without a motor, 3 channel. How do I get the power to the receiver? I have the battery and the receiver. Do I need an esc? What size. I am using a 3S 11.1V 1300 mAh battery (because that is what I have.


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You need a BEC (battery eliminator circuit) I am not an expert so I don't know what type.


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Chuck Ray
What you need is a UBEC which a small stand alone device to provide a regulated 5V to power the receiver and thus the servos.
For a 3 channel glider a 3A UBEC like this would be quite sufficient.
A 3s 1300mAh battery is considerably bigger and thus heavier than you need.
For example an 800 mAh 2s LiFe battery (under 1/2 the weight) could be used directly connected to the receiver.


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As quuorneng said I would set it up with a life battery or you could use Nicads or even some AA batteries either rechargeable or not.


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You don't need any of the items in the previous simply need a single, four cell battery pack. It can be either Ni Cds, Nickle metal Hydrides, or, just a four cell pack made up of regular AA Pen cell dry batteries. Get a 'standard' switch harness to connect this pack to the receiver port on your receiver. No need for heavy batteries, BECs, Li POs, etc. It's the way WE USED TO DO IT, before the world of electrics came to be. Hope this helps



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Most Rx’s operate at 5-6v. Any of the above suggestions will get the job done. It’s your choice which one you choose