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ESC power on tri copter with KK2


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Ok. So I gather the KK2 board gets power from motor 1 on the flight control board. Reading through different articles people are removing the the other power leads and only leaving the signal wires connect to the other 2 ESC's. The manual for the KK2 board says that it is not necessary to cut the remaining wires from the other ESC's.
quoted from the manual:
The M1 connector must always have a ESC connected, because this ESC will be the only one that
supplies the FC with 5V power. This ensures stable power to the FC.
The M2 to M8's 5V power pin is connected together, and any servos here will be supplied by any ESC's connected here. There is not necessary to cut the 5V (red) lead on any ESC unless it has a Switching BEC.
It seems like a good idea to cut off the other power supplies, I would think that they could interfere with each other and possibly cause problems.
Can anyone put me right or enlighten me on the pro's and con's of removing the power wires.
Much appreciated.
My motors should be here in a few days, I feel like a school kid in a candy shop!!! The only problem is that my props are about a week behind them..
Onto version two of my frame and haven't even had one piece of electronics on either of them!!


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If the KK2 is built to disconnect the power lead inside the board I don't see a pro, besides not having to trust the manual.

Con is it limits where you can use that ESC in a different configurations (swapping ESC's around for a different multi, switch to tri after #1 burns out, sick of multi rotors and toss it in a fixed wing . . .) If you plan to never reuse your parts from an old platform, then by all means snip. You can repair later, but is it worth having to undo it later?


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You can just remove the center pin from the esc connector on the last motor (tri-copter) and tape or heat shrink it so it is available for future use. The esc's will run a bit cooler if the center lead is not connected.



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Initially, i had no power lead connected on my 3 esc, but had no power to the servo, so i connected the power lead to the motor 2. resulting in power to the servo, but the other two motors ran different from the M2 (i still don't know why is that) so i connected the power lead on the remaining 2 motors and they ran perfectly... I'm sure there is a perfectly reasonable technical explanation to this. my recommendation? keep the power lead connected on all your escs.


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Rather than cutting the wires from the ESC, you can run a signal wire with a socket the ESC can plug into. This is easily hacked from a servo extension cable, just remove the extra wires.