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ESC wiring issue :(


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Hey guys,

I have a gental lady flying a 2200kv turnigy and a 45 amp speed controller. I am also using 2200mah 3 cells to power her up. She has A TON of power and can really get up to altitude quickly +-30secs = 400 + feet (estimated). then i can get about five min of glide time, depending on the day (thermals ect.) normal flight time is about 15 - 25 min. (i stop around 3.7 - 3.8 per cell, so i dont have to charge them, i am lazy.

I am planning on strapping on my newly purchased FPV gear from readymaderc, 1.3 ghz 200 mw, and the rx they have. I wanna make sure my flying electronics wont fail on me.

But as i am waiting for my camera and video gear to get to me (security camera takes 2-3 weeks to ship a camera?!?!?! or add 29 bucks for 1 week shipping?!?!?) anyway, i noticed that a wire on my esc is exposed!!!

here is a picture:
battery installed
batter uninstalled

It looks like the heat shrink just opened up a little, but what do yall think? am i crimping my wires too much when the battery is installed? couldn't i just wrap some electrical tape around it so it does not touch anything?

it is soldered on, will it pull out?

any recommendation?


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Yes it's soldered on.
Yes you can just wrap a piece of electrical tape around it.
Best fix would be to desolder it, put a new (a little longer) piece of shrink tubing on there, resolder it, then shrink your tubing.


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Plus that is the ground side so it is not going to zap anything. But best to cover to make sure it doesn't short anything.