F-pack motor upgrade


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Hello y'all.
I've been flying Flitetest and other mighty mini size swappable warbirds for a couple years now and I REALLY love the redbottom 2205 2300 kv. It outlasts my planes and hauls on 3s and 4s.
DSC_9526.jpeg Screen Shot 2019-05-03 at 1.03.48 PM.png
But for the last year I've been trying some higher kv motors that my buddy lent on and off, such as a gemfan 2205 2650, and I've got to say I haven't found a good sweet spot. No matter the instant gratification of punchouts and low passes, at the end of day the efficient and robust redbottom remains the versatile champ in my heart.
I have a couple redbottoms left but I want to keep them for fun flying, and want something different for experimental airplanes and such. So after lots and lots of research I've narrowed my choices to a couple.

• Another redbottom? (≈1300 grams on a 6*4 4S)
• Cobra Champion CP 2205 2300 KV (≈1500 grams on a 6*4 4S)
• Lumineer MX2206 2450 KV (≈1500 grams on a 6*4 4S)
• DYS SE2205 2300 PRO racing motor (only cuz I have a brand new one laying around I bought for a buddy)

I try to keep my budget as low as possible in terms of electronics so I don't have the luxury of buying and testing before I decide. I'm not looking for a motor that necessarily provides obscene amounts of thrust, draws over 40 amps and drains batteries like leaking ziploc bags. I want something that can pull standard flitetest size mighty minis with good punch, but also has durability and long life (good bearings etc... ). I'd really dig a good motor that lasts on experimental platforms. Any opinions on these motors or any pertinent advice is welcome and wanted! Thanks. :)

Jackson T

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I don't have any suggestions, but I will second your point on the red bottom. I'm too scared to go full throttle on most of my mini sized planes! It makes my 140cm balsa motor glider climb at a 45 degree angle at 1/3 throttle!