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f22 raptor,where did i go wrong!!!

Hi and first off im a complete newbie to fix wing. I have done a scratch build f22 raptor made from foamboard with 24"wing. Built with turnigy park 300 1600kv motor,orange rx,2x htx 9g servos,hobbyking 10a esc and a 3s 500mah lipo.
Problem is it didnt even get off the ground,straight up and down. Complete the model weighed in at just under 400g but just cant seem to fathom why it didnt fly. Had problem getting CoG so had to put lipo right on th nose,with weight at rear this is only place i could put it to level it out. When holding model and throttle it up you can feel force of motor trying to pull it out of your hand but hand launch and ir seemed gutless. Any help grately appreciated and hopefully i have put this in right thread. Those guys on flite test make it look so easy!!


You're a bit underpowered. The design calls for a Park 370 equiv. But, You may just be a bit underpropped. I run a 7x5E on a 24g (blue wonder) and that would be a minimum to move the FT22. If you go bigger on the prop watch that your current doesn't exceed the rating of your ESC. My FT22 setup is: Turing SK3 826, 1240kV, 20A ESC, 3S 1300 mAh 20C, 8x6 APC prop. This setup has plenty of power but, if I go to an 8x4 prop it barely flies. This setup runs at about 11A and roughly 135W. I would be interested to see if anyone has flown an FT22 on a Park 300. The FT22 flies nicely slow but it's a bit heavy for your setup. It's roughly half the power of mine. (75W guestimated)
I'm sorry. I didn't realize that they had a build video for a smaller one. My FT22 is based on their speed build kit and is much bigger. You are correct about the motor Josh recommended. He did however, mention an 8" prop with his. Another thing to try is to calibrate your ESC to your radio. You may not be developing full power. To do this you simply 1.) Remove the prop. 2.) turn the transmitter on, set the throttle to full. 3.) plug in the receiver battery and wait for a series of beeps from the ESC. 4.) move the throttle to min and wait for more beeps. unplug the Battery wait 5 seconds or so and you should be good to go.
thanks for that and will try calibrating esc and will get 8" prop(must admit being newbie i didnt realise prop would make that much differance). I take calibration will work with any computerised tx, i have dx6i. Thanks again, you been great help so far.
Good transmitter! It won't matter as it's the ESC that's calibrating. Good luck and let us know how it goes. I may have to build me one of those little f22's.