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Familiar scene

Hi All,

This scene will be very familiar to those who frequent here. Yes I have started on my first build and yes that is the dining room table I am working off. Definitely an advantage of being empty nesters. I ended up going the officeworks route for the foam board but only needed to glue two boards together for the fuse and beam as the wing halves fitted nicely on the A2 sheets. Also had to do one of the doublers in to sections and glue together to squeeze it out of the 4 A2 sized sheets. So plans free download, materials $16au, motor esc cables and servos $90au. Could have gone a FT c pack but exchange rate and postage would have nearly doubled that. Still to get battery, charger, RX and TX. Bring on Farthers day and Christmas. Mind you at the rate I am progressing it may be Christmas before I get this simple cub built. IMG_0330.JPG


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Welcome to the family! If there is anything that you need advice on just post about it anyone here will be helping out. And that looks like a good start I too work of the dinning room table or any other table I find :).
Thank you all for your kind words. I did cheat a little as I had cleared off the table twice before I took the photo. Even managed to get some on the floor. Managed to get all the parts cut out and even did the single bevel on both evelator and rudder. Also put a layer of hot glue on the hinge a la josh style. Have the day off tomorrow so will work on the power pod and fuse. Might even get to the wing over the weekend. I am thinking of setting up the four channel wing but flying it three channel initially just to reduce the risk of lawn darting. So plan will be to install servos and cables but leave off linkages and not cut the ailerons till ready for four channel. Would the servos unpowered be strong enough to hold the ailerons from moving or would they work better if powered and held centered on a seperate channel in order to fly 3 channel. Has anyone done this and how successful was it.
Evening All,

Had a good day and made some progress. Managing to keep things reasonably square and power pod slides nicely into its position. Can you spot the obvious stuff up? Yes I should have watched the build video before cutting the bevel on the rudder. As a result the bottom of the rudder now has a double bevel to allow full movement. I also redid the hot glue reinforcement into the double bevel hinge. Note to self WATCH the video just before doing each step. Don't depend on memory.