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Now that I have become a "builder", I find myself looking everywhere for fasteners. My wife thinks I'm crazy, she could be right... BUT, after having a hard time finding nuts and bolts at our local stores, this led me to a web search and I found a great company that caters to us rc aircraft nuts. I just though I would share with you guys a great website with an awesome supply of fasteners, selection and prices. You multi-rotor guys will like this too

Click here RTL FASTENERS to take you there. They also have a cool video on the home page, these guys are great!

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Totally cool, thanks for the link! I love fasteners, especially when they show on the plane, then they got to be nice.
Is there not a "good" Ace Hardware near you? The one by me has about 25 rows of every size nut, bolt and fastener you could imagine, in just about every material.


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RTL Fasteners does great sales every month on different sets - if you keep an eye out for them you can usually get two big sets for close to the price of one :)