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Favorite Magazine subscriptions anyone? (Model Flying)


Old age member
I assume that every country has its own magazine included in the organisation (AMA) fee?
Are there any free magazines online?

As a scratch builder i want magazines with free plans - and those are by nature paper magazines.
Some clubs have subscriptions you can read (and borrow) but most flyers don't have the this opportunity.

I ordered the FMT magazine today - a one year subscription giving me a "free" gift - a watt meter.
I have read the magazine at the club a few numbers but it seems that we are a minority understanding the fine parts and the subscription is cancelled. Another "Free gift" was the "Pichler" if you subscribe for 2 years. It seems to me as the same as a Bixler complete with 2,4 Tx (battery not included) , BL motor, LiPo, charger ....

Another fine magazine is RCM&E


Senior Member
I get FlyRC, Model Airplane News, Model Aviation, and RC Heli. My favorotes are Model Airplane News and FlyRC